Comedy Review: Vittorio Angelone at Just the Tonic

Words: Ian C Douglas
Monday 05 February 2024
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Northern Ireland's wunderkind Vittorio Angelone gigs at Just the Tonic Comedy Club...

Vittorio 2

Vittorio Angelone is a stand-up comedian whose USP is that he’s Italian-Irish. Hence the Italian name with the beautiful Irish accent. It’s not an overhype to say his success has been meteoric. He’s supported some of the bigger names on the comedy circuit. He is prolific online with countless stand-up clips, podcasts and sketches, drawing millions of views. He was a smash hit at the Edinburgh Festival and has various awards.

And last night he played at Just the Tonic Comedy Club. The appearance was part of his current tour under the banner ‘Who Do You Think You Are? I Am!’ An odd name, the explanation of which served as a hilarious opener to his performance.

So, how did he do? In a word: excellently.

Vittorio comes on stage with a quirky persona that easily won over the audience. At times it felt more like we were down the pub, listening to an old mate’s tall tales than in a comedy club. He brought that chatty, informal, wait-till-you-hear-this ambience to the evening.  

The content was wide raging and intentionally strayed into topics that might require trigger warnings for some. For example, people with autism, the trans community, paedophiles, feminism, the Troubles, the English and more. However, he nimbly skipped around these topics without ever falling into the trap of being prejudiced. Perhaps he wanted a touch of controversy to spice up his reputation, and if so he succeeded. But he always prefaced his jokes with supportive comments for those vulnerable to discrimination. His humour was coming from the right place, even if he were a self-confessed ‘straight white male’.

A rich vein of laughter and honesty about the English

Vittorio is himself under assessment for autism, or at least so he informed the crowd. And he joked about how a positive diagnosis might get him on the TV more. The results will be fascinating.

His reflections on growing up in Newry during the Troubles and then his adult life as an Irishman in London were astute, fearless and had the punters in stiches. There’s a rich vein of laughter and honesty about the English there that I hope he continues to mine.

Vittorio was himself supported by his friend from Northern island, John Meagher. John also went down well with audience and had a hilarious true tale involving his engagement, Queen Elizabeth and Hampstead Heath. As well as a gag on Catholics and Protestants that was a modernisation of the sort that Dave Allen used to tell and had this (lapsed) Catholic chortling into his beer.

In conclusion, a great night was had by all. Vittorio may not yet be a household name, but that is only a matter of time.          

Vittorio Angelone played at Just the Tonic Comedy Club, Metronome on Sunday, February 4th 2024

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