Concert: The Hallé Film Music- Action Movies

Words: Kevin Stanley
Monday 18 March 2024
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Kevin Stanley was blown away by the music of the movies at The Royal Concert Hall…


Stephen Bell Mar2023 Credit Bill Lam The Halle 640X640

Tonight’s conductor is the likeable Stephen Bell. Nottingham is his second home and he is well known to the audience at The Royal Concert Hall. He’s playful and charming. He leads his orchestra with vigour. 

Films without music would be lifeless and dull. A well written score adds so much depth and intrigue to a movie. For me, it’s impossible to imagine any of my favourite films without the score. They can be rousing, heartbreaking, sombre or jaunty. They add to the mood and the rhythm of the movie and are an important factor in a film’s ability to transport the viewer to distant lands or galaxies far, far away.

Highlights of the programme include Mask of Zorro (James Horner), a couple of Tom Cruise classics including the incomparable Mission Impossible (Lalo Schifrin) and Top Gun. The Mission Impossible theme is well known, it’s been used many times for many different reasons but of course it is most well-known from the 1967 movie and the TV series that followed, long before Mr Cruise ever took over the reins to lead the incredibly successful franchise of films. This tune is so iconic that I cannot help but to imagine myself as a superspy as I listen! Also, ever-popular is the theme from Top Gun, which wows the audience and I imagine myself flying through the sky at supersonic speeds, dog-fighting with enemy jetfighters. What a blast!

What a blast!

No movie themed evening of music would be complete without hearing James Bond and of course the Hallé oblige the audience with a storming performance of the main theme from the movies with its signature guitar line.

I’ve seen the Hallé perform the theme from Pirates of The Caribbean (Klaus Badelt / Hans Zimmer) before and it was incredible. The score to this film is truly outstanding. Devilishly quick in tempo and so much depth and texture. It must be fiendishly difficult to play. But the Hallé perform it in note-perfect fashion. Absolutely wonderful.

The Raiders March (John Williams) from Indiana Jones is another piece of music that is truly iconic and will, I have no doubt, still be played until the end of time. It is truly timeless and it is a genuine joy to hear live. Likewise, its sibling, Superman March also by the tremendously talented John Williams without whom I fear that many movies would not have a score! These two pieces respectively open and close the evening of music.

The Hallé performed at the Royal Concert Hall Nottingham on Friday 15 March 2024.

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