Gig Review: L'objectif at The Bodega

Words: Kira O'Boyle
Photos: Izzi Glover
Monday 29 April 2024
reading time: min, words

Leeds-founded indie quartet L’objectif recently blessed The Bodega with the privilege of witnessing their 100th gig milestone as they stopped off in Nottingham as part of The Left Side UK tour …

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Nearly coming to the end of their UK tour, L’objectif, made up of Saul Kane (vocals, guitar), Louis Bullock (drums), Ezra Glennon (bass) and Dan Richardson (guitar), were not shy of energy and talent.

But before such a momentous occasion began, The Bodega welcomed the first support act of the night, recently formed band Granary Club. Self-described as ‘freshly baked indie/pop’, the band succeeded in filling The Bodega with joyous tunes that were enough to send you back to the times of enjoying drinks in a sunny field with mates.

Second up, Victory Lap. The Nottingham-based quintet were romantic and theatrical, transporting the room decades back with their 1950s-esque performance.

It was finally time for the main event, L’objectif. Having released their brand-new EP The Left Side in March this year, the setlist featured the EP in its entirety as well as earlier treasures from their discography. The band launched their set with their indie-dance infused track, Puppy, followed by ITSA and disco-inspired Same Thing – the set was in full swing. Lead singer, Saul Kane, sporting a new look of pink hair, was cool and collected while singing every word with passionate and emotionally charged vocals.

Although being from Leeds, the band have close ties with Nottingham, with drummer Louis’ dad getting a shout out as a huge Nottingham Forest Fan. Their first ever headline show in Nottingham proved to be a special one for the band. “This is our 100th f****ing gig! I am so glad we get to do this together,” bassist Ezra exclaimed. Reaching this huge milestone as a band, their pride and love for one another shone bright. This will definitely be the first of many landmark events for the band.

Lily in The Valley and Drive In Mind were particular favourites from the setlist. Ending the set with tracks Conman, Go Where the Love Is, and finally, their most popular The Dance You Sell, the audience were completely submerged into L’objectif’s realm. We were led through
an ecstatic journey that intertwined all elements of indie, indie dance, post-punk and disco into one set.

DSC 0860

It was a pleasure to meet the band as they placed themselves in the busyness of their merch stand at the end of the gig, thanking their gig-goers and signing everything handed their way. We asked them what colour t-shirt we should buy: following suit from Saul’s new hair, pink was the obvious answer. 

It is safe to say L’objectif were triumphant – a band I'll be following in their successful future, I am sure.


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