L’Objectif Talk 'The Left Side', the Bodega and Pink Hair

Words: Izzi Glover
Tuesday 23 April 2024
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We had the chance to chat to Leeds band L’objectif about their upcoming show at The Bodega on Saturday 27 April and their brilliant and methodical new EP: The Left Side, before their Manchester gig at The Deaf Institute...
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Apart from one very negative French review, media feedback for their new EP has been very minimal according to frontman Saul Kane and bassist Ezra Glennon. But according to Saul, “the fans like it a lot, which is the most important thing.”

Saul then explains that the process of crafting the EP was done over a three-year period, particularly paying attention to the song ‘Conman’ which has been in the archives for some time. All recorded in Saul’s bedroom, he tells us that the whole project has been finished for around a year and has been ready to go for some time. Despite the process being long and tiring, the band are extremely proud of their newest project - as they should be. Ezra gave us some insight into Saul’s interesting song writing process in which he doesn’t listen to any music when writing. The band all just listen to their own songs on repeat for months and months, which is quite respectable in my opinion - we all need a bit of self-love.

With playing the songs for so long, comes the added bonus of the new set sounding great, after a long curation around the new songs, explained Saul. Ezra added that Conman has been played live for two years, and the band “spent ages making sure that it made sense live”, rather than just songs being played by a group of people in someone’s bedroom. 

Introducing Nottingham. Drummer Louis Bullock got very excited here and proceeded to tell me he is a big Forest fan, that his dad is from Nottingham and his first item of clothing was a Nottingham Forest football kit, so, naturally, the city means a lot to him. We reminisced about the band’s experiences at Nottingham’s beloved Bodega, Saul commented that he really likes it as a venue and there was a great crowd. Rock City is the venue that the band all collectively would love to conquer in the future, “whether we’re headlining or not, to play there would be amazing”. And as Louis pointed out, it’s the classic Nottingham venue. 

We then moved on to discuss L’objectif’s upcoming tour date at The Bodega on Saturday 27 April, with support from Nottingham bands Victory Lap and The Granary Club. The band expressed their excitement for the gig and the fact that it will be nice to be back at The Bodega and in Nottingham in general. We discussed the Nottingham music scene and what bands L’objectif are particularly inspired by. Louis mentioned names like Divorce and Do Nothing, bands that he personally really loves. Out of the Nottingham scene currently, the band said they would love to play alongside Divorce in particular. 

Dot to Dot, one of Nottingham’s staples, featured L’objectif in the 2021 line-up so we discussed that time. The band explained that they were on at The Bodega just before Yard Act, and that they would absolutely love to do it again. Ezra recalled seeing some of his favourite bands at the festival, which was the core memory that stuck out to him. Louis didn’t remember any of it - proof of a good time. 

Going back to the band’s Nottingham date on their current tour, Louis told us that he will be in fact wearing his Forest top on that day, just to see what happens. Ezra remembered going to The Bodega as an audience member and expressed that it’s a “banging venue”. 

As the tour comes to a halfway point, Saul told us that “it’s really cool to have people telling us how they know about us and actually meeting them in person. It’s quite cool to connect with people who like the music”.

And the most important point - Saul’s pastel pink hair which he has dyed especially for the tour and the EP release. Dyed and styled by Louis’ aunt, could this be a theme for all future projects?

L’objectif are playing The Bodega on Saturday 27th April with support from local bands Victory Lap and The Granary Club, one that is hard to miss. 

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