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Friday 05 April 2024
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The Claw - the fight for the playoffs continue...

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Dearest Readers,

As you may know by now the Sheffield Steelers are 2024 Elite League champions. This does not fill me with joy as a Panthers fan, but they have done well to get to where they are. I was there at the Panthers vs Steelers game on the 23rd March.

We started off with such determination to win by smashing the puck into the net in the first period, Steelers made it 1-1 at the beginning of the second period, but that did not faze Panthers as we got a goal back instantly. Both teams looked like they wanted to win it, but Panthers showed the home fans they wanted it more. Despite the sold out arena having many Steeler fans dotted around the home fan blocks and even with the arena echoing with Steeler chants with “we are number one” Panther players still tried their very best to stay professional and keep on pushing. But regardless of their best efforts, the third period arrived and the Steelers pulled it back to win 4-2. It was still a great game to spectate, the fans also had the pleasure of having Paul Adey as the guest of honour in the building for their retro themed night! The Panthers wore retro replica jerseys from the 96-97 season - a year when Adey helped the club win the Benson & Hedges Cup as a player. He was also our head coach from 2001 to 2005.


It was brilliant having him at the game ​​as part of the pre-game ceremony ahead of face-off! The replica retro shirts can still be bought from the online Panthers shop. My partner Dan was first in line to buy one after watching the game. A big shout out to Panthers fan Clyde, who kindly sold me an original retro shirt last week!

As the playoffs approach us we keep the faith alive with a small but not an impossible chance in getting into the playoff quarter finals! With the year we have had it would make my heart full to see Panthers make it at least to the finals!

So far Panthers have battled for this chance beating Fife 1-0 on Thursday 28th March and beating Blaze 4-1 Easter weekend at home. Unfortunately we were beaten 3-2 at home by Glasgow Clan after overtime on Easter Monday.

Keeping a beady eye on the other teams in the league the results of Sheffield 4-2 Fife, Cardiff 6-3 Dundee, Manchester 3-0 Coventry, still make it possible for Panthers to climb that little bit further up the league table in hope to get a playoff position. It all comes down to this weekend against Manchester Storm, we need the four points in order to gain a spot at a chance to play in the playoffs! How amazing would it be to get into those final games!


This Sunday (7th April) at the Motorpoint arena is Fan Appreciation night at the last game of the league against Manchester Storm, face-off at 4pm, it sounds like a great evening for all fans who have supported the Panthers throughout the season! There will be a free postcard-sized team photo of this year’s roster, giveaways galore and a full team Shirt Off His Back raffle which means plenty of chances to win a special game-worn jersey. 1,000 seats remaining for the last game of the season so be quick to get your tickets and support this incredible team one last time before the playoffs!

In other news, Former Nottingham Panthers forward Matthew Myers who spent 11 seasons over four spells with Panthers has announced his retirement from international ice hockey!

We will be cheering you on, boys! Whatever the score, we are incredibly proud of you this season! I will be back to talk about all things playoffs very soon readers!

If you would like to go to the games this weekend, head on over to the Panthers website for tickets:

For now, let's keep roaring and thank you for reading,

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