We Find out More About New Currents, Nottingham’s New Day Festival

Interview: Gemma Cockrell
Saturday 20 April 2024
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Nottingham has many successful day festivals but this year, there's a new kid on the block. Here's some more information about New Currents festival...

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For those who haven't heard of New Currents festival, could you summarise what it's all about?
It’s about showcasing the talent that's freshly squeezed and locally sourced. We love Nottingham and we wanted to be the one stop source for new and upcoming talent.

How did the event come about? 
Students have a lot of skills and we wanted a platform to showcase this. We thought the best way of doing this would be to do this ourselves!

Who is involved in arranging it?
It’s a collaboration across different levels and courses from event management, production, content creation and more! We can’t forget our alumni either as well as some of our talented music performance students playing at the event.

Day festivals like Beat The Streets and Dot to Dot always do very well in Nottingham. Did this inspire the event?
It would be impossible to not draw some inspiration from these great events but what we wanted to do was move outside the city centre and create a great event that gives back to community. With it being a free event, we were hoping to make it more accessible for everyone!

Who is on the line-up so far? 
The lineup is now fully announced! We have Lyvia, Cappo, Midnight Rodeo, Goodgoodbye, Sancho Panza, Cam Mannix, Set in Motion, Courtney, and Luna and the Lime Slices. We also have a DJ, Harry Grant, and our Compere will be Cali Green.

What made you decide to showcase local artists on the line-up?
Why wouldn't we! The whole festival is about Nottingham and the people within it and we love showcasing the talented people who reside here.

There's a mix of up and coming talent like Lyvia and local legends like Cappo. How did you decide which artists in particular you wanted to perform?
We really wanted to make sure we had a mix of genres that was representative of the Nottingham music scene.

What made you choose Trent Navigation as the venue?
We wanted to be outside but also very wary of the British weather. We also wanted to support a Nottingham venue!

The event is supported by Confetti. How essential is that in establishing yourselves as a new event in Nottingham?
Confetti value giving their students opportunities to work in real world situations, and what better opportunity than to work on a local festival with a line-up stacked with talent.

You are also taking donations for Emmanuel House. What inspired you to support the charity through this event?
Its all about helping the people of Nottingham and we know how hard it is for people in wider society at the moment,

Finally, how can people get tickets for the event and where can people find you on social media?
The tickets are free! You can find them on ticketsource.co.uk/newcurrents and we’re on Instagram as @newcurrentsfestival. The event can also be found on Facebook.

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