Could Be Real Tribute Festival Bringing Music to Newstead Abbey this Summer

Wednesday 15 May 2024
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Get ready to immerse yourself in a night of nostalgia as the Could Be Real Tribute Festival descends upon the serene grounds of Newstead Abbey on Friday 5 July...

Couldbereal Tributefestival Venue SQ2

Music enthusiasts can anticipate a remarkable line-up paying homage to some of the greatest names in music history. Set against the idyllic backdrop of Lord Byron's ancestral home, this festival promises to be a sell-out event, catering to fans of rock, indie, pop, and 90s classics.

Attendees will be treated to electrifying performances by some of the UK's premier tribute acts, including Ultimate Amy (Amy Winehouse), Attic Monkeys, Mike Andrew as Robbie Williams, Sham Fender, Viva 4 Eva Spice Girls, Kings Of Lyon, Queen 2, The Oasis Experience, Sum Of Sheeran, and Vicky Jackson as PINK!

Whether you're a devotee of 90s Brit Pop Classics, 00s Pop Music, or a Rock 'N' Roll aficionado, this festival guarantees a night to remember. The diverse range of genres ensures there's something for everyone, making it the perfect outing for families and music lovers alike.

Couldbereal Tributefestival Lineup

Full Could Be Real Line-up

  • Ultimate Amy (Amy Winehouse tribute)
  • Attic Monkeys (Arctic Monkeys tribute)
  • Sum Of Sheeran (Ed Sheeran tribute)
  • Kings Of Lyon (Kings Of Leon tribute)
  • The Oasis Experience (Oasis tribute)
  • Vicky Jackson as PINK
  • Mike Andrews as Robbie Wiliams
  • Sham Fender (Sam Fender tribute)
  • Viva 4 Eva Spice Girls (Spice Girls tribute)
  • Queen 2 (Queen Tribute)

The festival kicks off at 4pm and runs until 10:30pm, promising attendees the ultimate day-into-night party experience. Open to ages 14 and above, with those aged 14 to 17 required to be accompanied by an adult, this event offers an opportunity for families to come together and create lasting memories.Ticket prices from £28.

Visit the Could Be Real website for tickets and more information

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