Food review: 31K

Words: Julia Head
Photos: Julia Head
Friday 14 June 2024
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Not just the spot for music and cocktails, Hockley's 31K offers a menu of mix and match build-your-own meals. Our trusty Food Editor made a visit to to test out their 'world-class snap'...

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After four years of using 31k as our 'pre-dinner bar' in Hockley, we finally made a meal booking. There's no strong reason why we've never sat down for food with our drinks before — other than that we're obviously just a bit silly.

We've always loved 31k for the atmosphere, drinks, and music. Sitting upstairs overlooking the ground floor was a huge bonus because you still get the buzzy, lively bar vibe, but also have the intimacy upstairs to enjoy your meal, with a smug superiority.

The menu is designed so that you can mix and match your main protein with different options of carbs, vegetables, and sauces. They used to do meatball bowls, but things have changed, and the menu is more elevated now. It's two courses for £23, and the fluffy focaccia starter with different flavoured butters (fancy) is £6.

We paired the tender poached chicken breast roulade with the creamy watercress risotto, leek gratin, and citrussy picatta sauce. This was a comforting plate of food, with the risotto cooked to perfection.

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We also paired the flaky pan-fried hake with crunchy polenta chips, dill butter, and green beans. It’s fish and chips, but sexy. This was everything you want from a top-tier dining experience: familiar flavours with elevated elements that take things to the next level.

For dessert, a crème brûlée dessert cocktail was on the cards. This delightful concoction is reminiscent of an espresso martini, but topped with a sugary, creamy crown. Martell VS brandy serves as the base spirit, but the true star of the show is the Tekali coffee liqueur. A touch of salted caramel syrup and a shot of fresh espresso keeps it sweet and silky-rich.

If you're looking for world-class snap, noteworthy cocktails, and pints fit for kings, take yourself down Goose Gate. 

You can find 31K at 31 Goose Gate, Nottingham. Head down during Nottingham Restaurant Week which takes place 3-9 June to get three courses for £20, Tuesday-Sunday, 4-6:30pm.


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