Music reviews: June 2024

Words: Rachel Imms, Bassey, Faye Stacey, Louis Dargavel Corbett, Gemma Cockrell
Tuesday 18 June 2024
reading time: min, words

This month on our stereos: Theorist and Friends, Shadows of a Silhouette, Lex, Mimosa, George Gadd + The Aftermath and Jude Forsey

Theorist and Friends

Theorist Presents: Some Friends Of Mine (Album)

With a more lyrical quality than previous, more instrumental, work, this latest LP by Nottingham hip-hop legend and animator Theorist is crammed with poetic gems. The album moves from the mediaeval lute intro in the track Bait & Hook with Juga-Naut, whereas Cappo’s lyrics in Weltanshauang (the German term for a particular philosophy or life view) showcases a mellow thoughtfulness that runs through the entire album. Featuring a plethora of artists from Nottingham and beyond, Theorist has yet again showcased his unique production style with some of the best lyricists the UK has to offer.
Rachel Imms 

Shadows of a Silhouette

Abuse Me (Single)

Abuse Me is just what you need to hear right now. It’s rocky, it’s edgy, it’s got great guitars and thought provoking lyrics, which is a darker direction than previous songs, adding depth but still retaining the sound and familiarity fans love. Taking inspiration from their working class backgrounds, it’s hard to believe they are all in their early twenties as they have a sound and experience beyond their years.
Faye Stacey


Big Man on Campus (Single)

Nottingham Hip Hop artist Lex is back with a banger Big Man on Campus, bringing us some upbeat melodic music for the season of spring. The new track is one of many that will be appearing on Lex’s upcoming album. Lex, previously known as Lexus, has been making some noise in the Nottingham rap scene for some time now, and we can see why - with his newly acquired upbeat style he has really shown variety in his music. If you are a fan of Hip Hop and a Kano-esque sound, then definitely check out the new bop brought to by Nottingham’s finest. 
Louis Dargavel Corbett


Taxi Fare/Madman (Single)

With the obvious influences of Oasis and Arctic Monkeys, this is a great introduction to Mimosa. Taxi Fare was one of Mimosa’s earlier tunes, written sometime in 2020. It pays homage to what a standard night out is like locally in their rural town of Chesterfield and how messy things can get in a ‘everyone knows everyone’ kind of town. Meanwhile, Madman was written in the midst of lockdown when strange rules were applied to the public but didn’t seem to matter to the people in charge.

George Gadd + The Aftermath

Last Orders/CVG (Single)

Bouncing with high energy and aggressive sounds, George Gadd and The Aftermath bring us a double A side single that screams for your attention. The decision to use Phil Booth (JT Soar) and Rich Collins (Snug Recording) to engineer and mix the songs has seriously helped to increase the intensity. If you're into the hybrid sounds of folk, emo, punk and - dare I say it - pop, then you are not gonna want to miss out on this release. I'm going to remember this one for a long time!

Jude Forsey

It’s All a Waste (Single)

An artist who was included in the January BBC Introducing showcase at Metronome, Jude Forsey has achieved an immense amount for someone who is still only sixteen years of age. His latest single, It's All a Waste, is shorter than two minutes in length, but he gets straight to the point and doesn't require much time to convince the listener of his potential as an artist. The track's upbeat pop-infused drum pattern, acoustic guitars, and layered vocals would fit right in on mainstream radio, with hints of Hip-Hop and hyperpop influence lingering in the background - it's a winning formula.
Gemma Cockrell

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