Young Creative Awards Winners 2024

Saturday 01 June 2024
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Each year The Young Creative Awards picks out some of the rising stars of Nottingham. The winners were announced at the end of May, and here are some of our favourites…

For its size Nottingham certainly punches its weight in creativity. Established artists such as dancer Jamal Sterrett, musician Sheku Kanneh-Mason or visual artist Wolfgang Buttress are well-known names throughout the country, but who is hot on their heels? Here are some of our favourites from this year's Young Creative Awards…

Sam Williams - winner of the 16-18 Photography age group

This shot titled London was taken by playing with camera effects to show the increasing excitement, bustle and business of the city.

'London' 3 By Sam Williams, Joint Winner Of The 16 18 Age Group Of Nottingham Young Creative Awards 2024

Oscar Farrage - winner of the Music age 19-24 age group

Formed on Confetti's BA Music Performance course in 2022, Luna and the Lime Slices won with their melodic punk track Red Room. Click here to listen!


Kristian Smith - winner of the 16-18 Film age group

This video installation portrays the stress and difficulty felt by some autistic people when having to fit in or ‘mask’ in public

Kristian Smith 16 18 Film (2)

Hannah Alvey - winner of the Dance 19-24 age group

Accompanying her dance performance titled Daydreaming, this painting aims to communicate improvisation, free movement and emotional expression

Original Hannahalveysupportingimage (1) (3)

Maia Redgate - winner of the 16-18 Creative Writing age group

Extract from Maia’s short story, Why Don’t You See Me?

Mina was certain the bell tower was going to crumble apart. The bell had been chiming non-stop for five minutes, the loud, echoing dongs drawing the small population of the town towards the village hall. She had been out in the far fields when the emergency meeting signal had sounded, and at first she had assumed it was just midday and that she hadn’t realised due to the dense fog and overcast sky, but when the thirteenth clash of metal on metal reached her ears, she set about going back. Now she was making her way towards the open doors of the village hall, her cat Nella trailing behind and bemoaning the situation.

“You didn’t even bring the basket back with us,” she meowed. “I was promised strawberries for waking up so early on such a miserable day.”

“It’s not called an emergency signal for no reason Nella,” Mina scoffed, picking up her pace.

Nella’s paws scattered against the damp cobblestones of the square as she struggled to keep up, making as many obnoxious, complaintive noises as she could. Mina was unimpressed.

“Oh, come here. I’ve never heard of a familiar more reluctant than you,” she relented, scooping the little cream cat up and placing her on top of her marmalade-coloured satchel, the one thing she had taken with her from the field. 

Nella settled into the dip of cloth hanging from Mina’s side, no doubt getting little white hairs all over the green overcoat she was wafting her long tail against. Rain started to pitter down from above them and the heels of Mina’s red shoes threatened to lose their grip against the stones as she hurried to get inside, ducking through into the warm glow of the village hall. All the gas lamps had been turned on to ward away the gloom of early spring, leaving the room yellow-tinted like tiles before a hearth. 

“Mina I’m worried. What if something bad’s happened?” Nella muttered, looking around at the people gathered in the room, slowly taking their seats, and chatting in hushed tones as they awaited the mayor. 

“It’ll be fine. What’s the worst thing that can happen in a town like this?”

JAMES ENNIN 25218 Graphic Design Age Group 19 24

James Ennin - winner of the Graphic Design 19-24 age group

This colourful image took inspiration from cartoons, comics, and Japanese woodblocks

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