Wednesday 25 March 2015
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There's just one thing we need to tell you. Ameriie is playing Glee Club tomorrow night so we caught her on the blower

First of all, we have to ask why the slight name change?
Haha… Just something I wanted to do.

You're hitting the Glee Club on your UK tour. How is it being back on the road?
I’m looking forward to it. The venues are very intimate, which brings great energy.

With so many big club tunes in the bag like 1 Thing and Gotta Work, can we expect a pretty high energy gig?
I think so, although there will be variations.

Have you ever played Nottingham before? Are you looking forward to the gig?
I believe I have, but quite long ago, and it wasn’t a show like this.

Is there 1 Thing that you'd like to do in Nottingham while you're here? Sorry...
Hahaha… Visit Sherwood Forest, I think.

You've drawn on very diverse influences and samples in your tunes The Meters (1 Thing), Ultramagnetic MCs (Why R U) and now The Incredible Bongo Band (latest single What I Want). I'd love to have a root through your record collection...
I have a shockingly small collection of vinyl.

Do you think it's those classic breaks that have enamoured you to the soul/funk/hip hop-loving Brits in particular?
I’m not sure, but I do think you just ‘get it’. These breakbeats, as well as soul/hip hop, are so classic. They just endure and I think that’s why we can continue to come back to them.

What song never fails to get you dancing?
When I go out clubbing, I am an EDM girl all the way. I literally can’t stop my body from moving. Breakbeats make me rock out, but EDM makes me dance.

Can we expect a new album release soon?
When it comes to albums, there aren't any specific dates as of yet because I'm still in the middle of recording for both BILI and Cymatika Vol I. I've released three songs, mostly for the fans because they have been waiting for so long: What I Want, Mustang and Out Loud.

As well as big music acts, Glee hosts some of the biggest standup comedians. Can you tell us a joke? We're not a particularly family magazine...
I know no jokes. My humour is more of the dry, sarcastic variety.

Lastly, I hear you're putting pen to paper on a series of young adult novels. Have you got the next Hunger Games on your hands?
I’ve been writing both young adult and adult speculative fiction. As for the next Hunger Games, well, wouldn’t that be lovely?

Ameriie will be playing Glee Club on Thursday 26 March at 7.30pm.

Ameriie website

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