Pick of the Week: 28 April - 4 May

Sunday 27 April 2014
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There's a little something for everyone this week - whether you want a rave, a laugh or a draw, come this way
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Nuno Silva has compiled a Portuguese production to make us Brits blush. Telling a sensual story through contemporary dance, the show is sure to drop a few jaws when the performers draw out the passion and romance found within Portugal’s borders. With international musicians and dancers showing exactly what they can do live, we’re sure to be left either with tears brimming at our eyes, burning loins, or even a little bit of both. There will be traditional Portuguese food available at the Pavillion Café on the night too, get some piri piri scoff down your neck for good measure.
Tuesday 29 April, 8pm, £10/£13/£15, Djanogly Theatre
YMCA Digital have got some right musical treats for us, all for free. The line-up includes some of our favourite Nottingham artists, including The Gorgeous Chans, Josh Wheatley, Natasha, A Dee, Kezz, Nina Smith and Orchestrate – all talented, up and coming musicians who’ve been grafting hard to deliver a mad mix of folk, acoustic, soul and hip hop. There’s gonna be trailer screenings for two new films Catfishing and Colour Red, lots of lovely stalls, a graffiti wall where you can scrawl your own artwork and there’s even the chance to win a football signed by the NFFC team – get on it!
Tuesday 29 April, 7pm, free, Nottingham Contemporary
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Just The Tonic has hosted some of the biggest comedians the country has to offer, and this week they’re giving newcomers the chance to tickle our funny bones. Their Edinburgh showcase The Big Value Comedy Shows is just around the corner, and if the comical boggers of Nottingham impress at the auditions, then they could find themselves performing at the same place that gained the likes of Jason Manford and Sarah Millican some serious attention. Help the judges separate the wheat from the chaff and wet your knickers laughing while you’re at it - can’t hurt, can it?
Thursday 1 May, 6.45pm, free, The Lord Roberts
Stephanie and Elena Hargreaves are two sisters who’ve really stepped up to the charitable plate. Using a blend of soul, folk and pop, they’ve birthed a sound that they aim to inspire the young people of Nottingham with. The Robin Hood Orchestra, The Golden Troubadours and The Milford Academy are joining them in full force, with a gentle sprinkling of Joy Mumford for those with a sweet tooth. It’s going to be huge, with fifty kids belting it out like good ‘uns and a sneak peak of The Hargreaves Project documentary, soon to be aired on Notts TV. All money raised from ticket sales is going to Nottingham Education Trust, so dab in ducks!
Thursday 1 May, 7pm, £4.40/£8.80, The Albert Hall
The club that used to be Tantra turned all shiny and purple last year, and rather than luring everyone into their notorious snogging pods, they’ve whacked on a night with a massive list of artists to get the blood pumping instead. From the lyrical genius of acts like Can-B and K-Deuce, to the guitar skills of Billy Walker, there’s something for everyone who likes polished talent. On the decks is Mr V to take everyone right back to those grimy bassline days, right alongside Jayfor and JTJ. Everyone gets a free shot on arrival and there’ll be live recordings too - get yer gladrags on.
Thursday 1 May, 10pm, £5, Nirvana
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An evening hosted by the newly-founded Phlexx Records, Origin One are wetting the baby’s head with the liveliest of local bands, artists and DJs, with a Sheffield cherry-topper of K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade. 25 Past The Skank, The Afterdark Movement and the Rubberdub crew pad out the rest of a line-up to make your bones shake, with a captivating acoustic set from the likes of Parisa Eliyon to soften the funky edges. Not only a night of music, but a fun-filled takeover of live art, facepaint, food and the chance to buy merch. Head down early if you’re skint and hungry for reggae, the first fifty heads get a free copy of Origin One’s brand new album. Sorted. 
Friday 2 May, 9pm, £3/£4/£5, The Maze
We saw the warm up for Mark’s tour at Latitude last year and it was bleddy hilarious. Mixing scathing comedy with some pretty strong political commentary, New Statesman’s Mark Thomas will have you crying so hard with laughter a little trump might even pop out. Don’t worry though, people won’t be able to hear it over the ‘umm hmmm’ noises they’ll be uttering as they realise that Thomas’ points about the state of the government and society in general are pretty damn spot on. If you fancy some insights into the UK’s biggest issues without the stuffy air clamming up your pores, head down to the land of Hockley. 
Friday 2 May, 8pm, £10/£15, Broadway Cinema
Do you reckon you’re a bit of an artist? As in you can draw more than a stickman and a fish? If so, we’ve got something that’s right up your street. Starting from this Saturday onwards, on the first Saturday of every month at The Corner, you can expect to draw plenty of naked people, and maybe even some that are clothed. Don’t feel intimidated, as long as you’re respectful, and you’re willing to take some advice, then you’ll have a cracking time. There’s a bad joke in there somewhere…
Saturday 3 May, 11am, £4, The Corner
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Festival season is starting to get into full swing here in Notts and this one’s for all you ravers out there. After the success of their first festival last year, Dollop is bringing together loads of big names from the house scene, such as Route 94 and Skream, for another session to make you skank your socks off. One entry price will give you the opportunity to see loads of amazing producers and DJs in several venues across hoodtown - there’ll even be an appearance from Mike Skinner of The Streets, let’s just hope our wide eyes aren’t blinded by the lights. 
Sunday 4 May, 8pm, £40, Multiple Venues
If raving away the Bank Holiday weekend isn’t your style, then we have something a little more mellow but still bleddy enjoyable. This Sunday sees The Fab 4, a top tier Beatles cover band, come to Notts to play you some of the finest pop songs ever created. Everyone knows The Beatles and, let’s face it, everyone knows all the words to at least a few of their songs. Get your ticket to ride, listen to them as their guitar gently weeps and we all come together to enjoy a bit of a twist and shout, before we get back and ask for help in the morning. We’ll stop now. 
Sunday 4 May, 10.15pm, free, The Riverbank Bar and Kitchen
BBC 6 Music favourite and musical legend, Gilles Peterson is heading to our fair city in May to spin some tunes at The Irish. Peterson’s three hour set celebrates three years of creative collaboration from Mimm, the Hockley shop specialising in clothing, music and art for the cool kids of Nottingham. After successfully laying down the foundations of endless visionary projects, the eclectic collective are sharing even more love in the form of live art, a Jamaican barbeque and a whirlwind of cultivated tunes not only from the jazziest of virtuosos, but our own inherited veteran Rick Donohue. With a Funktion-One system to deliver the vibes, the evening’s sure to fuel a buzz our tabs won’t be forgetting any time soon. 
Sunday 4 May, 9pm, £15, The Irish Centre


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