Sailplaning, Creating a 4-d Life & Career, With Lorna Stalker and Liane Hambly


At Five Leaves Bookshop

Price Free
Times 17:45 - 19:15

Liane Hambly and Lorna Stalker invite you to the book launch of  Sailplaning, Creating a 4-D Life & Career. Navigating career currents and discovering YOUR way – an interactive resource for curious humans.

5.45 for 6.00pm. Refreshments provided.


“This book reads with such support and concern for those reading it and is so open and honest as well. I loved it and I think it will be hugely useful to so many people – individuals for their own self-care/career management and for practitioners to reflect on their practice too.” Luisa Moreno

“My career up until now hasn’t been plane sailing, it’s been more like Sailplaning. No decision I have ever made was the wrong one and every decision felt right at the time.” Liam McDaid

Today, the itinerant worker is likely to experience a lack of coherent occupational structure coupled with a diminishing psychological contract between themselves and their employer(s). This knowledge will undoubtedly construct a new view of the world of work and an individual’s place within the labour market. Whilst some people respond well to change, others will avoid it wherever possible. The shift towards the protean concept, where constructing and shaping your own career has become a key life skill, has created an environment where some people and communities could be at a disadvantage. The concept of Sailplaning has been constructed to nurture self-awareness via temperate curiosity. The activities are aimed at providing individuals with tools, techniques and self-knowledge to sustain fulfilled lives and careers. Sailplaning aids self-reflection and has the potential to support each person to maintain a life-time voyage of exploration, discovering and re-discovering who they are and what is important to them, as their life and career continues to flourish, mature and change.


14a Long Row, Nottingham

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