The Five Senses and Horror - Online Creative Writing Workshop


At Online

Price £12 - £15
Times 18:30 - 20:30

Get ready for a spine-chilling online creative writing experience that will awaken your senses and send shivers down your spine.




There's no doubt that horror is full of terrifying visual imagery - but is that sometimes at the cost of bringing our other senses into play? In this workshop we'll be exploring not only how you can use the sense of sight to evoke fear, but how we as writers can employ smell, sound, taste and texture to take our scares to the next level and combine them to maximum effect. The session will feature a host of tips and techniques, examples, discussion points and writing exercises throughout.


Learning Goals:

  • To explore how to create unsettling visual imagery
  • To examine the use of sound, smell, taste and texture within your horror fiction
  • To create new horror writing that takes fresh angles on the five senses


Alex Davis:


Alex Davis is a writer, lecturer, writing coach and event organiser based in Derby. Much of his work has specialised in fantasy, SF and horror, and he regular runs fantasy workshops and has led on events including Edge-Lit and FantasyCon. He has also spent time working in SFF publishing and is an associate lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Derby.




Before the event, you'll receive a link through Eventbrite that will give you access to the Zoom meeting. Once you click on the link, it will take you to Alex's Zoom meeting on the Eventbrite event page. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.


Recorded Version:


If you can't join the live session, don't worry! Alex will record the Zoom meeting, and everyone with a ticket will get a Dropbox link. That link will contain the recorded session and other useful goodies.

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