Peggy's Skylight

Like most great stories, Peggy's Skylight started with love - a love of jazz and great music. As jazz musicians, ourselves, we’ve performed as ‘Me & Mr Jones’ in many venues and around the world, but one thing that always struck us about home, is that although Nottingham is an amazing city with such incredible musical talent, it lacked a fantastic jazz venue that puts great sound quality at its forefront.

Nottingham’s music scene is thriving more than ever before, but we wanted to create a space where the region's jazz and blues musicians could call home - a space that not only served the most heart-warming dishes but also had the tastiest treats for the ears too.

Duke Ellington and his orchestra, Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong; Just some of the greats that became known as the Jazz Ambassadors flew to the Middle East on an extensive tour. It was to be an adventure of sublime music, fantastic flavours and great people. And it's this famous tour that was our inspiration for Peggy's Skylight.

Featuring stunning interiors moving from a 1930’s tea room at the shop front through to a Middle Eastern styled auditorium where vintage theatre seating sits alongside bespoke dining furniture dedicated to our customer’s comfort. Join us on a journey into sound and explore the variety that contemporary music can provide.
Our menu takes you on a culinary adventure too. Taking inspiration from Lebanon, North Africa and Cyprus, following in the footsteps of the Jazz Ambassadors and replicating some of the dishes they might have encountered on their travels.
So sit back, relax, and allow yourself to be immersed in an enchanting jazz adventure.

Coming Soon to Peggy's Skylight


3 George St, Hockley, Nottingham

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