Notts Bad Movie Club - Aracnophobia & Birdemic


At Saltbox Bar

Price £10
Times 18:00 - 00:00


The Nottingham bad movie night 'Notts Bad Movie Club' is a place for people who love laughing at terrible films!

A huge double bill of two of the best (worst - well, Arachnophobia is passable) spider and bird based films of ALL time!

Enjoy mocking the worst of cinema with friends and one or two drinks. Whether you want to sit back in silence and enjoy the film, shout out your favourite lines, boo the bad guy, cheer a rubbish action scene or laugh in the face of horrendous acting - this event is for you!! A 'no obligation to get involved' screening!

The films will be introduced by the Notts Bad Movie Club team!

Will we manage to track down any cast and crew for an intro video?!

'Play along with the films' - games throughout the event!

Spider & bird based movie quiz questions throughout the event!

Spider & bird themed music before the films start!

Arachnophobia - IMDB 6.5/10

Dr James Atherton moves to a small town and witnesses a series of unexplainable deaths of the locals. Upon investigating, he discovers that a flock of spiders are responsible for it.

"A thoroughly boring movie with boring villainous spiders and unlikeable characters. Devoid of any stand out moments or any sense of danger, its surprising Stephen Spielberg helped produce this dull film. What could have been a great B-movie callback is not utilized to its full potential.” - Rotten Tomatoes

Birdemic - IMDB 1.7/10

A sexy lingerie model and a successful software salesman go on a weekend getaway to a quaint northern California town.

"Most people will be bored witless with this piece of bird dropping." - Rotten Tomatoes

Birdemic Arachnophia NBMC-128354.png (2)

Bolero Square, Nottingham

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