30 Things To Do For Nottingham Festival of Literature 2016

Tuesday 01 November 2016
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Get the full rundown of wordy goings-on for the inaugural Notts FoL...


Tuesday 8 November

Workshop: Writing Across The Meridian Lane
Bromley House Library, 2pm, £24.95 - £28.95

Workshop: Giving Up Your Ghost with Megan Taylor
Galleries of Justice Museum, 6.30pm, £24.95 - £28.95

Highlight: Sheila Rowbotham: Rebel Crossings
Nottingham Arts Theatre, 7.30pm, £6.95 - £8.95
Sheila Rowbotham – who was involved in starting the women’s liberation movement in Britain – will be talking about her new book, Rebel Crossings, which offers fascinating perspectives on the historical interaction of liberalism, feminism, socialism, and anarchism in the late nineteenth century.

Michael Symmons Roberts and Alison Moore
Lakeside Arts Centre, 8pm, £8 - £10


Wednesday 9 November

Voices of Jewish and Muslim Writers
Mercure Nottingham, 6pm, £6.95 - £8.95
A panel of Muslim and Jewish poets meet to discuss and resist the often simplistic and negative definitions imposed on them, and to express their individual identities through their work.

Words for Walls Launch
Five Leaves Bookshop, 6.30pm - 8pm, free

Joanna Cannon and Cathy Rentzenbrink: In Conversation
Galleries of Justice Museum, 6.30pm, £6.95 - £8.95

John Agard: Roll Over Atlantic
Nottingham Arts Theatre, 8pm, £8.95 - £10.95


Thursday 10 November

Workshop: Where the Bodies are Buried, Stephen Booth
Bromley House Library, 2pm, £24.95 - £28.95

Proper Networking: Beer and Writing
Kean’s Head, 5pm, free

Kahani Short Story Masterclass
Lee Rosy’s, 5pm, £10 - £20

Ovid’s Heroines with Clare Pollard
Nottingham Conference Centre, 6.30pm, £8.95 - £10.95

Highlight: Jenn Ashworth and Jon McGregor: In Conversation
St Mary’s Church, 7pm, £6.95 - £8.95
One of Nottingham’s best known novelists, Jon McGregor, is in conversation with fellow writer, Jenn Ashworth, discussing their new novels and the collegiate nature of their relationship conducted entirely through correspondence.

Five Leaves Presents: Gillian Slovo
Nottingham Contemporary, 7pm, £8 - £10


Friday 11 November

Kerry Young and Hannah Lowe: In Conversation
Crowne Plaza, Wollaton Street, 6pm, £6.95 - £8.95

Highlight: Katharine Quarmby: A Message From Over the Wall
Nottingham Arts Theatre, 7pm, £6.95 - £8.95
The Festival Address will be delivered by campaigner and broadcaster, Katharine Quarmby, who will examine the messages about disability and impairment in mainstream literature and the emergent genre of ‘disability literature.’ Katharine is regularly seen on television and radio talking about disability issues, hate crime and violence towards women.

Dawn of the Unread Launch
Antenna, 7.30pm, £5


Saturday 12 November

Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire Libraries’ 13th Annual Readers’ Day
County Hall, Nottingham, 9.45am, £17 - £20

Print/Screen Exhibition
The National Videogame Arcade, 10am, free

Jen Calleja: German Literature in Translation (Workshop)
Five Leaves Bookshop, 2.30pm, £14.34 - £17.53

Highlight: On The Edge: Three Playwrights in Conversation
Galleries of Justice, 3.30pm, £6.95 - £8.95
Three playwrights with Nottingham associations will discuss their plays, including Kefi Chadwick whose work, Any Means Necessary, charted the stories of women who formed relationships with undercover officers in an activist community in Nottingham. That evening, award-winning author Amit Chaudhuri joins us for an evening of reading and discussions, travelling to Nottingham from India especially to appear at the Festival.

Jen Calleja: Poetry Reading
Five Leaves Bookshop, 6.30pm, £4.95 - £6.95

Make and Mash: Lit-Game Jam
The National Videogame Arcade, 7pm, free

An Evening with Amit Chaudhuri
St Mary’s Church, 7.30pm, £8.95 - £10.95


Sunday 13 November

The Writer’s Den
Nottingham Trent University, 10am, free

Publisher’s 5th Birthday Breakfast: And Other Stories
Five Leaves Bookshop, 10am, £6 - £9

Networking for Writers: Amit Chaudhuri and Guests
Nottingham Writers’ Studio, 10.30am, free

Highlight: Jack Monroe: Queer, Austere and Here
Nottingham Playhouse, 4pm, £8.95 - £10.95
Wrapping up the festival is Guardian columnist, food writer, and activist Jack Monroe. Having overcome years of austerity as a single parent, Jack became a familiar face in budget cooking and food writing. Earlier this year, Jack came out as non-binary, and began talking about our perceptions of gender identity, which will be the subject of Sunday afternoon's event.

The Culture of Welcome: Writers Working with Refugees
Nottingham Writers’ Studio, 4.30pm, free

Word Jam: Looking In
Nottingham Writers’ Studio, 7pm, free

Nottingham Festival of Literature takes place Tuesday 8 - Sunday 13 November 2016

Nottingham Festival of Literature website

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