5 Fun Events in Nottingham This Week: Slamovision, In Bruges and More

Monday 05 December 2022
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From Christmas classics to Colin Farrell's magnum opus, it's a great week to be in Nottingham...


Verständnis (Understanding)
When: Monday 5 December, 3pm
Where: Nonsuch Studios
How much: £12

Telling the story of Nick, a half-German, half-British teenager who moves to Coventry after growing up in Cologne, this is a story of being ‘in-between’, of not knowing where you fit or where truly feels like home. A tale that so many can relate to, this unique production from Dan Scott is told through over 100 illustrations, crafted by LeftLion royalty Raphael Achache. Show up to show your support. 


When: Tuesday 6 December, 6pm
Where: Metronome
How much: £5

We’re a UNESCO City of Literature, and we should be damn proud of it. With that in mind, take a visit to Metronome on Tuesday night to check out Slamovision, the Eurovision of the poetry world run by the institution, which we won the right to host after one of our own took home the top prize at last year’s event. With art exhibitions and open mic afterparties also on offer, this’ll be a quality night.


In Bruges
When: Thursday 8 December, 6.30pm
Where: Works Social
How much: £10

Are you one of those ‘comedies are just too woke to be funny these days’ people? Well, you’ll love In Bruges. And even if you’re not, you’ll love In Bruges anyway. That’s because it’s one of the most bold, interesting and outright insane films of the past few decades - but one that has a surprising amount of heart at its centre. The Cult Film Club are doing God’s work bringing this one back to the big screen.


Hayward House Concert
When: Saturday 10 December, 7pm
Where: Old Cold Store
How much: £10

Any gig that includes incredibly talented people like Chloe Rodgers, Mollie Ralph and Bele is always worth checking out - but one that raises money for City Hospital’s Hayward House is a must-see. A night of great music for a great cause? Stick this in your calendar.


The Snowman - The Animated Film with Live Orchestra
When: Sunday 11 December
Where: Royal Concert Hall
How much: £12 - £18.50

This film needs no introduction - it’s on TV every December without fail. But it’s not every year that you get to see this classic live in concert, with the English Pro Musica orchestra offering a note-perfect rendition of each tune on the soundtrack. And, if that’s not enough, this special event will include carols and festive classics from the Nottingham Trent University Choir. Proper Christmassy, this.

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