Curious Townhouse

Tuesday 01 November 2016
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We got down to the latest delectable offering from Nottingham city...


I’d like to retain the mystery about this city dwelling, but it’s just that bit too special to keep secret. As the moon rises in darkness, the Curious Townhouse glows red from the inside like the brothel of cocktails and trinkets it is, headline boards sitting outside hollering delicious ‘open’ messages.

The sunshine-pelted front section is great for the daytime – afternoon tea with a slice of cake from the cabinet, a must. Upstairs is a Prosecco bar with wonderfully mismatched tables and chairs, plus detailed artwork with a running, printed aesthetic of ram skulls, gothic butterflies and high class. In the display cabinets, there are curiosities from Hopkinson Vintage Antiques and Arts Centre, carefully selected to fit and available to buy.

In the rear end of the Addams Family-esque mansion, though, is where we chose to settle. Dim lights, candles atop the tables, gardens growing out of the walls, and a psychotic sheep sitting on an air duct who was staring us out. There’s also a pool table and a dart board sitting pretty, for those pub-sport scallywags among you.

But what of the consumables? When we’d finished ogling the out-there decor, we were just about ready for some Curious Cultivations – a Berry British Collins and a Lavender Collins. Both came served in a tall glass with dry ice, providing big bubbles and mist, giving the effect of a magic potion. The taste was magic too.

There are several different food options, simple but beautiful; soups and sandwiches, steaks, lunchtime oddities, you name it. We went for a small plate selection (four for £20) of ‘Frenglish’ gear, including a fall-apart beef shin bourguignon (£6); creamy, soft champignons a l’ail (£5.50); homemade, showstopping Townhouse beans (£5.50); and the deliciously salty moules marinieres (£6). If I ever did eat a creamy steamed mussel to give my thumb an erection, this would be it.

To throw in a dish with a little less chic but lashings of “awww yeah”, we claimed the pizza fries (£4) as a worthy side. Pepperoni pieces, melted cheese, and cutting salsa atop the potato champions. A goer. The beef shin bourguignon was a massive highlight, coming equipped with green beans wrapped in a strip of onion for extra pleasure.

After our table was blasted with delights, the thought of dessert was a bit much. However, we did negotiate a deal with our sweet teeth. A Cherry Bakewell cocktail (£8), and an English Rose (£8). Lovely. The Cherry Bakewell came served in a champagne coupe and was topped with freshly whipped meringue – a perfect end to a wonderfully weird evening. With so many more things to unearth, a return visit is imminent. Bridie Squires

3-5 High Pavement, NG1 1HF. 0115 950 8266

Curious Townhouse website

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