Promoter Focus: Both Eyes Open

Tuesday 01 November 2016
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The local punk promoters tell us what they're all about and what they've got coming up in Nottingham...


Punk, alternative, acoustic. 

Venues you do stuff at:
The Maze, The Old Angel and Black Market Venue, Warsop. 

Who else helps you run the nights:
Jayne Green (the quiet one) and Dave Drury of the Black Market Venue. 

Ten words that sum up the events you put on:
Energetic, passionate, fun, loud, dynamic, powerful, entertaining, relevant, spirited, value. 

Describe the average punter at your nights:
Discerning obviously, but music and fun loving, appreciative of a good night out. Any age and any music tastes.

Which local act has gone down best with your crowd and why?         
Hung Like Hanratty – ’77-esque punk about the state of the world we live in today served in a politically incorrect style. People are either going to love it or hate it.

Which non-local act would you bring back again?
Headsticks – great, hard-working lads with a constantly changing sound and lyrics that make you listen and think.

If you could get a celebrity compere who would you choose and why?
Al Murray – The Pub Landlord

Which booze sells best at your events?
Anything alcoholic, to be honest.

Tell us a crazy story that has happened at your events…
Everything runs so smoothly at our events! Seriously, there have been various mosh pit incidents where the music has taken over.

If you weren’t a promoter what would you have ended up doing?
I'd be a YTS astronaut or selling holidays on the moon, and Jayne would cuddle kittens for a living.

What other events in Nottingham do you love?
Deerstock, which is a great family festival who’ve raised over £55k for UNICEF, Alzheimers Society, Help for Heroes, CALM, Reach, The Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund, The Roy Stone Foundation, and The Nepal Earthquake Fund Teenage Cancer Trust so far. Farnstock is another great charity event at a local school in Farnsfield.

What have you got coming up in November and December?

Class of 76 featuring Barrie Masters of Eddie and the Hotrods, Friday 18 November, The Black Market.

Far Stock featuring Funke and the Two Tone Baby, Dirty Virtebrae, Headsticks, Eastfield and more, Saturday 19 November, The Maze.

Blackballed featuring Whisky Stain, and Sam Jones and the Local Folk, The Old Angel, Friday 25 November.

Barsteward Sons of Val Doonican Travelling Christmas Rock n Roll Circus, The Maze, Saturday 3 December.

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