5 Things to Do in Nottingham This Week

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Monday 09 March 2020
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Because life is all about that five 'til nine... 


Exodus + Death Angel

When? Monday 9 March, 7.30pm 
Where? Rescue Rooms
What? Thrash metal lovers, get raising those horns - two members of the big eight are coming to town, coming all the way from the USA. For electric riffs and vocals that will soar right through you, these guys know exactly what they’re doing. If you like bands like Metallica and Slayer, these will give you the same sort of powerful energy. Tickets are still available, which is absolute madness considering how mega these bad boy bands are. Go on, get down and get moshing - we know you want to.
How much? £33
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Night of the Living Dead Remix

When? Tuesday 10 March and Wednesday 11 March
Where? Nottingham Playhouse
What? You’ve bitten your nails. You’ve hidden behind the sofa. Yes, you’ve seen the classic film. But this performance puts a fresh spin on it while maintaining the make-do, indie vibes that made it such a household name in the first place. Seven performers will recreate the film on stage, using whatever costumes and props they can get their hands on. The original will be playing in the background, so you can see just how well they get it right, or just how creatively they change things up. We love a bit of creative theatre, and think the concept for this is just brilliant. 
How much? £8 - £24
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Nottingham Board Gaming Night

When? Tuesday 10 March, 6.30pm 
Where? The Vat and Fiddle
What? When Candy Crush starts to crush your soul, it’s time to turn to something a bit less on your phone and a bit more in real life - aka the good old board game. But you can’t play them by yourself, and what better way to meet new like-minded people than at this night? Dust off that game you always wanted to try, bring along that new expansion pack of Catan, or even challenge someone to that game you’re unbeaten at. Don’t worry if you’re new, as they’ll even have teachers on hand to get you through those head-scratching strategy games. One thing’s for sure though - you won’t be board. 
How much? £5, first session free
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CRS Presents: Mental

When? Wednesday 11 March, 7pm 
Where? Metronome
What? We all want to do our bit to help open the conversation about mental health in communities and society, and this night hosted by the Community Recording Studios is aiming to do just that. There will be various scenes depicting mental health struggles in various scenarios, brought to life via film, music and spoken word. Creativity is a really innovative way of exploring the topic, so if you or someone you know is struggling with mental health or struggling to understand it, this is definitely a great way to widen your understanding and to speak to like-minded people.
How much? Free but need to book in advance
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Wild Tales Film and Food

When? Wednesday 11 March, 6pm 
Where? Nonsuch Studios
What? This is way better than your standard trip to the cinema. Stroll on down to Nonsuch for a cosy night of gasping, gawping and giggling at this classic Argentian film. Each individual story in it shows a different scenario of people turning slightly loopy when facing some sort of injustice. Trust us, we know that feeling. Alongside the showing will be some Argentine nibbles - think empanadas, fried meats, salads, and all that good stuff. It’s basically your dinner and entertainment all rolled into one. Super duper. 
How much? £7 - £16
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