5 Things To Do This Weekend in Nottingham

Words: LeftLion
Thursday 11 May 2017
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What are you doing this weekend? No, what are you really doing?..


Swing and Bass

We’re proper excited for this one. Get yer best fifties outfit on, don those dancing shoes like you’ve never donned them before, and get down Rough Trade for Swing and Bass. You can expect the best from the swing genres, all remixed in the most delicious way for a proper Friday night sesh. Mista Trick, Emma Claire, Fizzy Gillespie, Dan De’Lion and Ali Baba will all be dropping their specialist twists until the early ones, all to raise money for the homelessness charity Emmanuel House. Proper. The event is as free as a bird, but make sure you drop some dosh in them buckets before you spend it all on shin pads for the lindy bop business.
Friday 12 May, 7pm, free, Rough Trade, event link


ThinkNotts Mass Meditation

This weekend you can expect to see loads of people meditating in the middle of the Square. But don’t be confused, young grasshopper; the ThinkNotts Mass Meditation is in town. Throughout the day, there will be music, workshops, talks and poetry, all Zenning it up, and you can look forward to the legendary Jackie P from Kemet FM compering the whole shebang. With tips and advice on living peacefully, unlocking potential, mindfulness and compassion, the whole city should be walking about barefoot and bald in no time. The mass meditation kicks of at 12pm – be there or be unenlightened.
Saturday 13 May, 11am, free, Nottingham Market Square, event link


Bath Bomb Making

Sometimes, there ain’t nowt better than settling down with a large glass of wine, a good book, and a steamy bubble bath. This Saturday, cancel all your mad plans to party on down with the best of ‘em, lock the door, and soak away to your heart’s content with a bath bomb you made in the morning. For just fifteen bob, you can make up to twelve bath bombs with top notch smellies from Black Acres Soap Pantry. That’ll be all your mate’s birthday pressies sorted, plus you can schedule some last-minute relaxation time. You deserve it.
Saturday 13 May, 11am, £15, Malt Cross, event link


God Save the Teen Launch

Our mate Andrew Graves has only gone and got a bleddy book out. This week, get your behinds over to that there Five Leaves Bookshop for a bit of a party in celebration of Mr Graves’ launch. The book teks us all on a proper journey down the side streets of Britain today, shedding light on the usual themes of love and loss, but set in fractured estates and troubled towns. Right up our road, then, quite literally. Paying homage to the likes of Johnny Cash and Brian Clough in the book, we’ll see a short performance from Andrew, plus a Q&A session, and the chance to get a signed copy of the book for yersen. See you there, kids.
Sunday 14 May, 8pm, free, Five Leaves Bookshop, event link


Acid Drops

Back in the good old days, it used to be perfectly legal for you to pop a tab and wile away the hours among the fairies and the flying toads. Now, that’s not so much the case. LSD has been illegal in the UK since 1966, but before then, it was used by the military, to treat mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, as well as recreationally by those in search of a spiritual awakening. Oo-er. This Sunday, historian of the UK’s psychedelic culture in the UK, Andy Roberts, is exploring the days when popping a tab was more than acceptable. Book your tickets in advance.
Sunday 14 May, 4.15pm, £3, Five Leaves Book Shop, event link

For the full motherload of goings-on this weekend and beyond, check out our What's On section

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