Nottingham's Finest Dogs in Shops

Words: Olly Hunter
Photos: Samuel Kirby
Sunday 22 July 2018
reading time: min, words

Dogs in shops have become a thing of late and as a bunch of committed dog lovers, we are very much in favour of this trend. But who among us has time to seek out the finest four-legged shop denizens that Nottingham has to offer?...


Name: Lucy

Age: Rude to ask a lady

Breed: Bichon cavalier cross

Occupation: Professional Glamour Puss

Shop: Jack Cragg’s Barbers, St James’s St

Owners: Sara and Tom

She likes to spend her days recumbent and watching Doggy TV while quaffing Paw-secco from an ostentatious crystal flute. What she really loves, however, is a bit of male company and, as the top dog of a male barber shop, there’s no end of gentleman callers who come in their droves on bended knee and bearing gifts (sausage rolls, mainly) for the grande dame.


Name: Oblack Boja (known as Dexter and resents being called by his full name)

Age: Teenager

Breed: French bulldog

Occupation: Junior Apprentice Hairdresser

Shop: Lee Holmes, Hockley

Owners: Lee and Jade

At sixteen months, Dexter is at that slightly awkward early stage of adolescence. As a junior apprentice, he’s not actually trusted to cut hair yet, and has to make do with practicing on a tatty old Girl’s World styling head. While he’s wonderful with customers, mingling like an old hand, he is prone to the odd teenage sulk and has the perpetual air of someone who’s had a good bollocking.


Names: Bindi and Skull

Age: 2 years each

Breed: Yorkshire terriers

Occupation: Fashion Designers

Shop: One BC, Sneinton Market

Owners: Rita and Tony

From their studio in Sneinton Market, these doyens of style dictate the tune to which the rest of the fashion world dances. Recent scandal-laden headlines about Bindi’s private life (she’s refused to comment on allegations of face licking) and Skull’s expletive-ridden late night Twitter rants have, if anything, only served to bolster the legend surrounding the fabulous duo.


Name: Merlin

Age: 11

Breed: Merle Collie

Occupation: Twitch Gamer

Shop: The Dice Cup, Mansfield Rd

Owner: Matt

Merlin and Matt have so much in common. They both love games, they’re both vegan and he need only raise an eyebrow for her to leap dramatically into his arms for a cuddle. However, where Matt has channeled his gaming enthusiasm into creating The Dice Cup games cafe, Merlin has gone another way and built up a devoted following on live streaming video platform Twitch.

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