10 Nottingham Podcasts You Should Check Out

Words: Caroline Barry
Monday 06 May 2019
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There’s something strangely addictive about listening to podcasts. While most of them aren't glossy or scripted, that’s exactly what makes them so listenable. We’ve seen podcasts change lives (Serial Series One), spawn TV shows (Dirty John) and attempt to solve crimes that the police have long forgotten about (The Teacher’s Pet).

With many podcasts being recorded by random fans in living rooms all over the world, it all feels a bit DIY. It’s a culture that, when done well, can be incredibly fun, and seems to be having something of a resurgence of late. Don’t like the radio DJ? Change the station or, in this case, the app. It’s now possible to find a podcast on every subject, from gardening to grime. If its niche, you can guarantee there are nerds with mics discussing it.

With a decent number of podcasts coming out of Notts, and even more with strong links to the city, here’s a rundown of some of the best…


Nottingham Contemporary
Amazingly, this podcast has been running since 2009, but I’m a new convert to it. The Nottingham Contemporary Podcast was set up to showcase the events, talks and lectures that take place at the Lace Market art gallery. As you can imagine, having been going for so long, there is a huge catalogue of shows to catch up on and art to immerse yourself in.

My Dad Wrote A Porno
Started in 2015, MDWAP features hosts Jamie Morton, James Cooper and Alice Levine comically reading the work of Jamie’s dad, the amazing Rocky Flintstone. While it’s definitely NSFW listening, it is hysterically funny, and I can guarantee you will never look at pots and pans the same way again. So, what’s the Notts connection? Although host Alice Levine now lives in London, she is originally from Beeston.

Blood Ties
Technically a London-based production, the fifth episode of the first season of the Blood Ties Podcast headed to the Midlands for a show about The Sneinton Strangler. Arriving on the crest of the true crime wave, Blood Ties can get a little repetitive at times, but it was fascinating and disturbing to hear an entire podcast about a little-known, local killer.

The Guilty Feminist
While it’s not technically a Nottingham-based podcast, they are coming to the Theatre Royal on 31 May for a live podcast recording. That counts, right?! Hosted by comedian Deborah Francis-White and special guests, a Guilty Feminist episode is released every Monday, discussing the insecurities, hypocrisies and fears that undermine their feminist principles. This is one not to be missed!

You can’t mention Notts podcasts without a shout out to S’Laughter. Another crime/comedy combo podcast, S’Laughter is hosted by two ’thirty-something’ ladies, Emma and Lucy. While recording in their front room, they mix the perfect amount of humour with true crime stories, bringing in loads of listeners in the process. Where the humour is definitely not safe to listen to at work, it’s perfect for your long commute home.

The University of Nottingham
UoN offers a series of podcasts covering everything from advice on student life to psychology and religion, including an offering from the award winning on-campus radio station, University Radio Nottingham. It’s a great way to stay in touch with lectures, student life, helplines and more. Perfect if you’re a current student in the city, or planning on studying here in the future.

Nottingham Forest Weekly
We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to sporting podcasts, with shows dedicated to cricket, ice hockey and, of course, football. For all things Forest, you can check out the Nottingham Forest Weekly podcast from BBC Radio Nottingham. Hosted by Robin Chipperfield, Colin Fray and David Jackson, the show is released every Friday, discussing the latest news, results and rumours from the City Ground.

LeftLion Film Podcast
Did you think we would miss an opportunity to big up one of our own podcasts? LeftLion Editor Ashley Carter and co-host Derry Shillitto’s monthly Film Podcast has just celebrated its one year anniversary. It features interviews, reviews and general nonsense for the Nottingham film community. Previous guests have included Nick Frost, Ben Wheatley and kind-of Al Pacino, but be warned: the language can get rather salty.

History of the Weird Midlands
Another podcast from the twisted minds at LeftLion, the History of the Weird Midlands is the brainchild of our Poetry Editor LP Mills, and features Emily Thursfield, Ben Knight and Becky Brealey. Season one explored Nottingham’s history of ghostly activity, alien sightings and even investigated whether Bigfoot ever called this city home. With season two underway, Christ alone knows what they’ve got planned next.

Their new music podcast features fourteen tracks of purely Notts-based musical talent. Hosted by Mark Del, Nusic showcase the best in new, emerging and established local artists, with each episode also featuring a throwback track, a live session track and Kemet FM’s Track of the Week. With over 200 already released, you’ve got a lot of Notts music to catch up on.

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