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Thursday 04 March 2021
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Can you find all thirteen plaques?


Our Rebel Writers Nottingham, a project curated by Rob Howie-Smith and Mark Shotter, has celebrated the lives and legacies of three of Notts' most infamous writers with a Rebel Writers Trail around the city. The plaques, which can be found in thirteen different locations, are dedicated to the rebellious careers of Lord Byron, D.H. Lawrence and Alan Sillitoe. Why not see if you can find all thirteen this World Book Day?

Here's where you can find them:

1. Byron, Lawrence and Sillitoe - Nottingham Train Station


"I deny nothing, but doubt everything... Opinions are made to be changed - or how else is the truth to be got at?"

"A Book should be a a bandit or a rebel or a man in the crowd."

"I'm me and nobody else; and whatever people think I am or say I am, that's what I'm not..."

Location: Nottingham Train Station, Station Street. 52.947, -1.147

2. Alan Sillitoe - Richmond House


"Brian watched his mother, stood in the (Embankment) paddling pool... his vacant blue eyes were caught by the elbow of the river... Thinking he needed fresh air away from the bug-eaten back to backs of Albion Yard, Vera had put on their coats and led them up Wilford Road, meaning to save the threeha'ppence by walking in order to buy him an ice-cream cornet on the way."

- Key to the Door, 1962

Location: Richmond House, Canal Street. 52.949,-1.150

3. Lord Byron - Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem


"Man, being reasonable, must get drunk; the best of life is intoxication"

- Don Juan

Location: Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, Brewhouse Yard. 52.949,-1.153

4. Alan Sillitoe -  The Castle Pub


"The Nottingham Lambs came up through the lanes and twitchells to spark the rafters and paint the pillars with the soot of anarchy..."

- Nottingham Castle, 1976

LocationThe Castle Pub, Castle Road.52.951,-1.153

5. Lord Byron - Byron's House


"A man must travel, and turmoil, or there is no existence"

- Childe Harold's Pilgrimage

Location: Byron's House, St James' Street. 52.952,-1.155

6. Lord Byron - The Bell Inn


"You can call these men a mob... when neglect and calamity have driven them to despair... but do not forget that a mob too often speaks the sentiments of the people."

- Byron Defends the Luddites in his Maiden Speech in the House of Lords

Location: The Bell Inn, Market Square. 52.954,-1.152

7. D.H. Lawrence - Nottingham Council House


"All women in their natures are like giantesses. They will break through everything and go on with their own lives."

- A letter to Ernest Weekly, 1912

Location: The Nottingham Council House, Long Row. 52.954,-1.149

8. D.H. Lawrence - Five Leaves Bookshop


"A book can be valuable... like a jewel, or a lovely picture, into which you can look deeper and deeper and get a more profound experience every time."

- Apocalypse

Location: The Five Leaves Bookshop, Swann's Yard, Long Row. 52.954,-1.149

9. Lord Byron - Tilt


"No lengthen'd scroll, no praise encumber'd stone; my epitaph shall be my name alone."

- A Fragment: When, To Their Airy Hall

Location: Tilt, Pelham Street. 52.954,-1.147

10. D.H. Lawrence - Spankies


"Life is travelling to the edge of knowledge, then a leap taken."

- Kangaroo

Location: Spankies, Goldsmith Street. 52.956,-1.153

11. Alan Sillitoe -  The Terrace


"Well, it's a good life and a good world, all said and done, if you don't weaken and if the big wide world hasn't heard from you yet... it won't be long now."

- Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Location: The Terrace, Broad Street. 52.955,-1.144

12. Alan Sillitoe -  The Angel Microbrewery


"Once a rebel, always a rebel, and it pays to be a rebel to show 'em it dun't pay t'do yer down."

- Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Location: The Angel Microbrewery, Stoney St. 52.953,-1.144

13. D.H. Lawrence - The Brass Monkey


"Instead of chopping yourself down to fit the world, chop the world down to fit yourself."

- Women in Love

Location: Brass Monkey, High Pavement. 52.951,-1.145


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