Food Review: Lombardo's

Words: Lizzy O'Riordan
Monday 18 April 2022
reading time: min, words

We headed down to Nottingham's first ever lasagneria (it's a real word, we checked) to find out what Lombardo's was all about...


Lasagna. Smooth creamy sauce, slow cooked mince, and layer upon layer of delicious carbs. It truly is the king of all pasta dishes. Hence my excitement for visiting Lombardo’s - Nottingham’s first ever lasagneria - a small and likeable restaurant conveniently located on Hucknall Road. 

To set the scene, it was Friday night, just after seven, and I was giddy with the thought of eating my body weight in Italian treats. Importantly, it had just been payday and my date and I had agreed to order three full courses, a decision which had consumed the majority of my waking thoughts that day. 

Upon walking in, I was charmed by the size of the restaurant. Holding only 22 seats, it immediately felt intimate, an effect added to by the glowing candle on our table. Greeted by one of the owners, we started with a drink each. Opting for a Hugo, I was pleased with my cocktail that combined gin, elderflower, and prosecco, finally being garnished with a mint leaf. 

Moving onto starters, we shared the Brushette all’Italiana. Patriotically coordinated with the Italian flag, we enjoyed three types of bruschetta: freshly made pesto, piccolino tomatoes, and ricotta and honey, the latter of which I still think about regularly. Served on fresh toasted sourdough, all three were worth writing home about. 

Finally, the time to choose a main course had arrived, and for the first time in my life I had six lasagna options to peruse. Eventually choosing La Romana, I was united with a slow cooked beef and pork ragu, while my date was met with the Diavolo - a spicy salami lasagna, packed with ‘nduja and finished, like mine, with bechamel and grana padano. Simply delicious. 

By the time the dessert rolled around, I was cheerfully drunk and full, an experience only made more pleasant by a portion of tiramisu. Heavy on the mascarpone, it was my ideal. And as if we hadn’t had enough, the perfect night ended with a complementary shot of limoncello. Authentic food, pleasant staff, and a great atmosphere. Lombardo’s is a win.

142 Hucknall Rd, Carrington, NG5 1FA

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