Victoria Centre Appoints Charity Shop Sue as Special Retail Adviser

Tuesday 07 June 2022
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Charity Shop Sue has been announced as Victoria Centre's new temporary ‘special retail adviser’, to mark the centre’s 50th birthday celebrations.


Nottingham’s Victoria Centre has announced that Charity Shop Sue will be taking on the role of ‘special retail adviser’ temporarily, to mark the centre’s 50th birthday celebrations.

Charity Shop Sue is the (self-proclaimed) ‘UK’s leading retail manager’ and will bring her own unique take on running Nottingham’s leading shopping destination.

Having previously worked as a fashion stylist in Paris and Milan, Sue has more recently put her skills to use as the infamous manager of Sec*hand Chances charity shop in Bulwell, as documented in the Charity Shop Sue YouTube series.  

In her new role, Sue will spend time with different teams in the centre, offering words of wisdom on everything from marketing and events, to security and cleaning, ensuring that everything meets her impeccable standards as Victoria Centre celebrates 50 years in the heart of the city.

Sue will also be taking a closer look at the Wall of Fame, which has been installed at the centre as part of its 50th year, allowing shoppers to take a selfie and add it to a grid to help unveil a giant hidden image. Alongside this, she will be inspecting how special features like the Emett Clock and piano on the mall are used.

Sue’s first few days in the job are being documented by a film crew and will be released on Victoria Centre’s Facebook and InstagramTwitter and TikTok channels over the coming weeks.

Commenting on Sue’s appointment, Nigel Wheatley, centre director at Victoria Centre, said:

“The minute we heard Sue’s heels clomping across the mall and the distant cry of ‘scuse me laydeh’, we knew we had someone quite formidable on our hands.

“To be honest, Sue basically created this role for herself, but who are we to argue? She is the UK’s leading retail manager after all!

“She already has some interesting ideas, some of which will probably never see the light of day, but we certainly admire her passion.

“Sue’s appointment is bringing a different perspective to our 50th birthday celebrations and we can’t wait to see what she gets up to now she’s officially part of the team.”

Speaking (quite loudly) outside Victoria Centre on her first day, Sue said:

I’ve been coming in ‘Vic Centre’ since I was a little gal. It's the retail heart of Nottingham and it's done so well to get to its 50th year!

“Of course I can see where things can be made a little bit more 'Sue’ to make sure it sees its 100th birthday. In my new role, I’m gonna take this place to new heights.”

For more information on Victoria Centre and its 50th birthday celebrations, visit or follow Victoria Centre’s social media channels to see the first videos of Charity Shop Sue in her new role – FacebookInstagramTwitter and TikTok.

Charity Shop Sue is a fictional character portrayed by actress Selina Mosinski and created by Nottingham writers and directors Stuart Edwards, Timothy Chesney and Matthew Chesney of Dead Sweet TV. You can see more of Charity Shop Sue’s exploits on Instagram and TikTok.

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