Gig Review: Underdark at Stuck On A Name Studios

Words: Bassey
Saturday 05 February 2022
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Underdark performed at Stuck On A Name Studios on Thursday 3 February and we headed down to check it out... 


There's still plenty of real underground live music in Nottingham and SOAN (Stuck On A Name studios) are doing their best to keep it going. Underdark kicked off their Total Ripping Darkness tour, by playing in their home town Nottingham, at SOAN studios. Forget stages and barriers to the bands, SOAN gigs are up close and personal, bands warm up in front of the supporters and no time for full sound checks. Just turn everything up to 11 and go for it.

First on was Nottingham's Burial Røt, a hard hitting no nonsense heavy metal band who describe themselves as 'Putrid stench emerging from Nottingham's underground' and deserves a wider audience. Loud, fast and full on, perfect to start the evening's event. Next up was Skeletons, an experimental singer with backing tracks who demanded everyone's attention, startling makeup and clothing along with a sound that I can only describe as death metal rap, we all wanted more than his slot allowed and Skeletons brutal vocals never waivered throughout his punishing set. Main support band Inhuman Nature were next on, a London based 5-piece heavy metal band and this was their first performance in 2022. They came out fast and kept it that way throughout their set, and thrash metal followers loved every minute of it. Seasoned musicians from the heavy scene, they delivered a tight performance and their drummer refused to let the other band members ease up. The crowd appreciated the intensity and wouldn't let the guys leave without an encore of one more song.

Finally, Underdark were on and they were given a hero's reception by everyone in the room. This was the first gig of the tour and Underdark showed us how far they have come, death metal, black metal, it doesn't really matter what label you want to give them, they are one of the finest underground bands around at the moment. Brutal vocals from Abi alongside a tsunami of sound that just does not stop building up intensity, Underdark deliver a sound of contrasts and contradictions that take you from tender to brutal in seconds. Stephen and Dan on bass and drums keep the foundation strong, leaving Ollie and Adam to soar over with a wash of metal riffs and harmonies, and all the time Abi maintains the brutal screams and growls throughout a relentless set. Nobody wanted this performance to end but all too sudden the gig was over and Underdark thanked everyone for coming to the show. They return to the road for their next gig on the Total Ripping Darkness tour but left behind a very special performance. Thank you Underdark, thank you support acts and thank you SOAN studios.

Underdark performed at Stuck On A Name Studios on Thursday 3 February.

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