Gig Review: The House of Love at Rescue Rooms

Words: Michael Prince
Photos: Michael Prince
Thursday 22 September 2022
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The House of Love took to the stage in Nottingham for a performance that almost succumbed to a cancellation...


19th September 2022 was a strange day in many ways. Apparently, this gig very nearly succumbed to a cancellation since it was scheduled on the day the nation was in mourning, causing a subdued feeling. 

Nationally, this was a day where we were forced to face our own mortality; we are not going to live forever, we cannot stay forever young, but despite our looks we are still alive and young at heart, and the songs will continue for as long as someone is willing to listen. And tonight, they did.

Support was provided by the equally wonderful ex-Creation label mate Pete Astor and band, hailing from The Weather Profits and The Loft. It was a short set, and sadly I Almost Prayed, a song that never fails to move mewas missing from the set list, but Pete and the band were nevertheless perfectly on form.


I had never previously seen The House of Love in concert, only catching them at a signing in Nottingham’s famed record store Selectadisc, so tonight was an important night to correct the error of missing them years ago.

As a mere youngster back in my student days and when I first moved to Nottingham, I was blown away by The House of Love. Swirling guitars, with an atmospheric and intense sound... How could I not be impressed?

On a much-delayed tour, the band were playing their new album A State of Grace. Vocalist Guy Chadwick referred to national events once, noting that it had been a strange day and whatever you thought of the Monarchy, he dedicated Se Dest to the Queen.


Guy still belted out fantastic tunes of new and old despite his now maturing years. The title track of their recent album A State of Grace sat mid set, but it was thrilling to hear Love in a Car as an encore. What a magnificent song, with its piercing guitars, caught between echoing walls of sound.

I Don’t know why I Love you, but I still do.


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