Gig Review: Wet Leg at Rock City

Words: Lizzy O'Riordan
Photos: Nigel King
Monday 28 November 2022
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We went to see the sold out Wet Leg gig at Rock City...


Appearing in 2021 with their first single Chaise Longue, it’s hard to overstate how quickly Wet Leg have risen to international success - packing out the Park Stage at Glastonbury just over a year after their initial arrival on the music scene. Alongside selling out countless tours around the world with their eponymously titled first album. 

Naturally therefore I was excited to see the band’s show at Rock City on Friday November 25, which, unsurprisingly, was completely sold out.


Supported by fellow Isle of Wight band Coach Party, the doors opened at 6 30 and the show began around an hour later when the female led indie group took the stage. Similar in sound to Wet Leg thanks to their dry humoured lyrics and speech like singing, they were the perfect opening act. 

Playing tracks including Weird Me Out, Shit TV and Everybody Hates Me, there was a definite nostalgic nineties feel to their sound, though the lyrics were absolutely modern in their content. The result being a selection of songs that speak to the timeless confusing nature of being in your twenties. Best exemplified by the lyrics in the latter song, “I’m sad, I’m 23…everybody hates me.” 


After a really good start to the night, Wet Leg themselves came on stage just after 8 30, jumping straight into their set with the catchy track Being in Love, before moving onto fan favourites including Wet Dream, Ur Mum and (ofcourse) Chaise Longue. 

Deeply singable, the crowd got involved really quickly with the music and did give their ‘longest and loudest scream’ in response to the lyrics in Ur Mum, which everyone enjoyed. And by the time the set was over, the atmosphere was at an all time high. 

Though a bit of a shorter set, thanks to the band only having one album (so far), it was still really great, with an especially excellent stage presence from lead vocalist Rhian Teasdale, who came on stage donning her cat ear hat, and really carried the show by giving the vocals her all. 


Overall, a brief but really enjoyable show, we were out by just before ten having listened to all the best songs from Wet Leg, alongside a really top-tier warm up act - who will be back in Nottingham to play at The Bodega in February. All in all, an absolute success.

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