Organisations You Can Get Involved With to Make Nottingham Greener and Cleaner

Words: Gemma Cockrell
Illustrations: Iulia Matei
Friday 08 September 2023
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Thanks to its love of solar panels and electric transport, Nottingham has become the UK’s most energy-self-sufficient city. That’s a title we are dead proud of, and we are always trying to improve and expand on what we’re doing – so much so that Nottingham City Council has launched a campaign to make the city carbon neutral by 2028, the most ambitious reduction target of any UK core city. But how can you help green up the place during your stay?

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Meet new people and pick your neighbourhood clean

Nottingham Clean Champions are a volunteer litter picking group who will provide you with a free litter picker, tabard, and bin bags if you join the many thousands of people who have already signed up. So, what are you waiting for? Take your friends along and turn it into a fun day out.

Get involved in conservation in local green spaces

Nottingham Green Guardians manage over 250 parks across the city, while the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust protects the county’s wildlife and restores biodiversity. Or, you can become a Wildlife Champion for Wild.NG, working to encourage pollinators to visit our residential streets.

Swoop into animal rescue efforts

The Nottinghamshire Biodiversity Action Group works to conserve the wildlife of Nottinghamshire, and you will find plenty of advice on their website for how to extend their work into your local area. Or, if you want to help a specific species, check out the Nottingham Bat Group or Swift Street.

Get to know your natural environment

Find out more about the woodland areas of Nottingham with The Nottingham Forager’s sessions, and while you’re there, take some snaps for the City Nature Challenge citizen science project, where the goal is to observe as many different species as possible. And if you want to get even more steps in, look out for information about the free annual Inclosure Walk, which takes place every June.

Party at Nottingham’s green festivals

Nottingham Green Festival is celebrating its thirtieth year this September at the Arboretum, while relative newcomers Green Hustle run festivals smack bang in the city centre every year. Both are great places to follow on social media to find out about the latest nature and community boosting projects they are running.

Make some small changes to the way you live

Turn off lights when you leave a room; don’t overfill the kettle with more water than you need; and put the lid on your saucepan to trap the heat in. And instead of wacking up the thermostat when you start to get chilly, put on a jumper instead. Just think, the money you save on heating now can be spent on an afternoon out with your friends later. And it goes without saying, but remember to recycle!

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