Food Review: Pizzamisú

Words: Roxann Yus
Photos: Roxann Yus
Saturday 02 December 2023
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When asked the much-anticipated question of ‘Now,what would you like to have for dinner?’ after a long day, the answer is a no-brainer. From a quick meal out of the freezer, to a big family take-out to watch the soaps, or a romantic date night plan, pizza is the fan-favourite go-to for most of us. And when pitching the question to someone who has lived and studied in Nottingham for two years, the answer is most definitely Pizzamisú

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I vividly remember my first time visiting Pizzamisú: a marvellous and unexpected mix of British queue culture with the buzz of an authentic Italian restaurant, as staff shout orders and chat and laugh with one another in their native tongue. 

To get to Pizzamisú's seating area, you walk past the kitchen where people can grab pizza to-go, meaning that the restaurant’s beloved forementioned queue extends beyond the restaurant, snaking through the kitchen, out to the cobbled street of High Pavement, where it is located.

Despite us Brits’ nature to queue in any situation where it is possible, Italian culture certainly prevails once you get inside the restaurant, and that’s how I knew the food that they were serving here was going to taste amazing. 

With a monstrous selection of both vegetarian and meaty pizzas, pastas, and a delicious assortment of traditional Italian desserts, Pizzamisú prepares you for a total transformation to the Amalfi coast, truly bringing Naples into the heart of Notts. 

Both their white and red pizza bases proved why, rather than making that tough decision between the two, you should simply get both and share among the group. 

Personally, in terms of toppings, I would highly recommend going simple and sticking with the smoked buffalo mozzarella. Why add more and overcomplicate things when the foundation’s already divine?

9 High Pavement, Nottingham NG1 1HF

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