Food Review: Uramaki Sushi

Words: Sophie Gargett
Photos: Sophie Gargett
Saturday 30 December 2023
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Nottingham certainly has a fabulous selection of options when it comes to dining out, but as the colder days and dark evenings descend sometimes you want the best of both worlds: tasty, professionally cooked food and the comfort and cosiness of your own home… Luckily, I was recently introduced to Uramaki, a Nottingham based service that delivers gourmet sushi to your door. Convenient? Very. Delicious? Absolutely...

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Often with take-away or delivery, the food can feel a little let down by poor presentation, or what feels like wasteful packaging, but even before opening to see the rows upon rows of colourful sushi inside, the two sleek cardboard boxes spurred several impressed comments. Not only did they look smart, but they can easily be recycled or even used again. Even the tiny bottle of soy sauce and containers of wasabi and ginger were tempting to keep. 

But anyway, moving onto the main event: twelve different types of futomaki, uramaki, nigiri and temari within two boxes, one for the veggies and another with a selection of fish. One of the most interesting things was the more unusual ingredients included. If you are a vegetarian like myself, you may feel a little envious of the more exotic and adventurous options available for meat eating sushi lovers, but it wasn’t just the usual cucumber and avocado in the veggie rolls: juicy pomegranate, crunchy asparagus, caperberry rice, shitake mushroom, caramelised red onion and sweet potato made for some delightfully unique but exquisite flavours throughout.

My meat-eating friends found the fish rolls to be very good quality, silky soft salmon melting in the mouth, soft shell crab smoothly complemented by avocado and masago, a salt cured salmon temari, with masago and lime hitting nicely with a crisp zingy finish. It’s hard to keep a track of exactly what we were snaffling but it was all sushi of the highest order.

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