Food Review: Big Apple Hot Dog Specials at Pizza Punks

Words: Alfie
Friday 09 February 2024
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It's National Pizza Day! So we went down to Pizza Punks to try their newly collaborated, limited edition ‘Classic Dawg’ and ‘Vegan Dawg’ pizzas with ‘Big Apple Hot Dogs’, to see if they truly were a Super Bowl hit. 

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Immediately I was impressed when I saw that all their pizzas are made using sourdough bread, and was even more pleased when I bit into it and discovered its light, airy texture as it had been cooked to perfection with a charred exterior and soft interior. 

My Pizza Punks experience started with their cheesy garlic bread, which I was pleasantly surprised to find was also made using sourdough. The bread was both garlicky and cheesy to the correct ratios and was a pleasant introduction to the main event (but be warned, going double dough is certainly not for the weak as I did feel like the Michelin man after my two courses). 

When the ‘Classic Dawg’ arrived it came with both what you would want and expect from a classic hot dog themed pizza. The toppings were of course Big Apple Hot Dogs cut into thin slices, followed by a spread of bourbon caramelised onions, dollops of mustard and house ketchup, a jalapeno aioli and a sweet salsa relish on top of a classic mozzarella and tomato sauce base. As I first bit into the pizza, making sure I got a taste of each topping, a hotdog sensation immediately filled my mouth as the smoky flavours of the frankfurter combined with a contrasting sweetness and tang from the ketchup and mustard took over my taste buds. A nice sweetness from the salsa in addition to the flavours from the jalapeno aioli gave the pizza a good depth and is a bonus for those spice haters as the jalapenos are not too hot at all. 

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Moving onto the Vegan Dawg, for long-time vegetarians, opting for a fromage-free pizza can be a bit of a gamble - because really, what is a pizza without cheese? - but for my vegan-curious colleague ordering the Vegan Dawg was a no brainer, mainly due to the generous range of alternative toppings.

But first, let’s touchdown on the starter - going for a classic mac and cheese is never a risk. This perfectly sized dish was cooked just right - creamy and gooey inside, then grilled to a light crunch on top. 

Along with thin slices of smoked Vegan Death Grip Dog, there were dollops of creamy vegan Stracciazza, house pickle and hot jalapeño aioli, plus scatterings of crispy onion and fresh coriander (which can of course be removed for anyone with the dreaded OR6A2 gene that makes the piquant herb taste soapy). The hotdog influence is what sets this pizza apart; the sweet, spicy and tangy flavours brought in a rich medley of flavours that might surprise non-vegans with its tastiness, while the soft, crunchy base gave that wholesome carby delightfulness that makes pizza such a comforting dish.

There is certainly something about a hotdog that screams AMERICA and these pizzas create the exact same feeling, giving you the best of both worlds when you cannot decide if you want a pizza or a hotdog, so I'm all for it. Bring on the Super Bowl!

Pizza Punks can be found at 1 Fletcher Gate, Nottingham NG1 4FS. The Big Apple Hot Dog specials are available throughout February.


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