Megan Turner

Wednesday 18 February 2015
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A Young Creative Award-winning poem from the pool of Nottingham's brightest youths. This year's theme is Made in Nottingam - get entering!
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Enter the Young Creative Awards 2015

The things I love about Nottingham…
Well, where shall I begin?
When I think of special places,
I get a warmth within.

I was born at Nottingham’s QMC,
the first teaching hospital in the UK.
And until February 2012,
it was the largest of its day.

Then off to Leahurst Road Pre-School,
I started when I was three,
I have lots of lovely memories,
each one special to me.

Next, to Abbey Road Primary,
to learn and grow some more.
I paid attention in every lesson.
Nothing was a bore.

A school trip to Green’s Windmill,
another to Wollaton Hall and Park,
a castle upon a hill,
and caves that are spooky and dark.

From a beach in the town centre,
a real seaside feel in the Square,
to the Waltzers and a Carousel
of the world renowned Goose Fair.

In winter, there’s always a market
full of food and gifts galore
and an outdoor rink for skating,
and still Nottingham has so much more!

There’s the famous Sherwood Forest
and the grand old Major Oak,
the legend of the man in green.
Robin Hood, what a generous bloke!

Two football teams! You’re spoilt for choice
if footy is your game.
We also have an ice hockey team,
Nottingham Panthers is their name.

Trent Bridge, a test match cricket ground,
an Ice Arena and Tennis Centre too.
If water sports are up your street,
then Nottingham can satisfy you!

I look forward to seeing new sights,
now that I am seventeen -
the insides of pubs and clubs
as I prepare for the nightlife scene!

Have I said how much I adore Nottingham?
If you visit then please take a look
at some of the places that I love.
You’ll love them too me duck!

Megan Turner produced this poem for the Young Creative Awards 2014 with the theme of Nottingham Loves.

Megan Turner on Blogspot
Young Creative Awards website

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