6 Things To Do For Bonfire Night This Year

Monday 31 October 2016
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Fancy torching an old English rebel? Want to see pretty explosions in the sky? Couldn't give a Fawkes about the formalities and just fancy a gig? Step this way...


Free Fireworks at Forest Recreation Ground
Like a good owd Robin Hood’s jacket ‘tater from Market Square, spending the 5th of November down at the Forest Rec watching the display is a classic Notts. You may spend the entire night looking for your mates you lost in the crowd, but you always know what to expect. There’ll be a mass of greasy chip vans, there’ll be screaming kids on the bumper cars and those £4 ‘posh’ hot chocs where you get a dollop of whipped cream and a flake stuck on top. It’s basically Goose Fair part 2 that only lasts for a night. Proper.

Riverbank Bar
The folks at Riverbank know Bonfire Night is a family favourite. But they also know that sometimes, you just wanna forget the sprogs and have a night without them. So this year, they’ve catered for both. If you get the kids down there on Friday 4 November at 5.30pm, they’ve got all sorts of kiddie entertainment going on – we’re talking fire eating, stilt walkin’, balloon modelling and even a magic show. Later on, you can expect fireworks over the river and some mushy peas on sale. But on both the Friday and the Saturday, they’re hosting adult-only events, with a live band and DJ going all the way through till 1am, so you can have a boogie all night and feel rotten the next morn.

Chatsworth House
If you’ve ever had some weird fantasy about watching Guy Fawkes burn while they play Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious… well, dreams really do come true. This year’s firework display at Chatsworth house will be set to classic Disney songs and, for a little extra magic, there’ll also be a live ice-carving from the folk who designed a few frozen displays for Game of Thrones. Tickets for Saturday 5 November have already sold out, but you can still grab a spot at Sunday’s show for £12.50.

Nottingham Castle
Every year MySight Nottinghamshire raises money for its cause in the most epic way. Yes, it's the annual fire walk. This one's on the Friday and, on top of all the brave souls who dare to slap their bare feet down on the hot coals, there's music from local musicians like Fat Digester and Joseph Knight, as well as the Beat Feet Drummers, and loads of beautiful food and drink from Nottingham heads. Oh, and a fireworks display for good measure. An adult ticket will set you back a tenner, and a kid's ticket's only four quid.

Bilal Zafar at The Lord Roberts
We know that fireworks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so if you’re more of a comedy than comet person, you can always go check out Bilal Zafar and his comedy tour Cakes. Nominated Best Newcomer for his debut show at the Edinburgh Fringe 2016, you can expect some jokes about social media and islamophobia whilst you scoff down the free Victoria sponges. You really do get free cake. This is not a drill. Tickets are £5.50.

Glitter Party! at Rough Trade
Why go and see the fireworks when you can make yourself look like one instead? Rough Trade’s monthly residency, Fan Club, have the ultimate bonfire party planned this year, and are determined to cover you in as much sparkly stuff as possible. The lovely gals from Babe Punch will be there, armed with glitter stencils, and they will be soundtracking your night with their badass punk, plus there’ll be the usual pop, the R’n’B classics, and every song you ever heard with the word ‘firework’ in it. You’ll probably be picking glitter out of your eyebrows until the end of the month, but after a few drinks you’ll realise it’s definitely worth it.

More Fireworks Displays
If you’re after even more places to get yourself a firework fix on the 5th, you could also check out South West Notts District Scouts Fireworks Extravaganza, Bingham Town Sports Club, Wilford Village Robin Hood Festival of Fireworks (particularly awesome) and Fourth Carlton Scout Group at Standhill Park in Carlton.

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