Immersive Dino Kingdom Experience Comes to Thoresby Park

Words: Lilith Hudson
Photos: Dino Kingdom
Thursday 08 July 2021
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Fancy a trip back in time to walk among the dinosaurs? Well the opportunity to do so is closer than you might imagine. Dino Kingdom, an immersive outdoor experience, comes to Thoresby Park this autumn...


From Friday 15 to Sunday 31 October 2021, 100 interactive prehistoric beasts are set to roam the plains and woodlands of this historic Nottinghamshire landscape.

This outdoor family event offers the chance to experience ancient history like never before with realistic roars and authentically moving dinosaurs including the gigantic T. rex, king of the Jurassic era. 

Animatronic technology will bring the prehistoric world to life, from 3D anatomy mapping to a nerve-jangling encounter with holographic dinosaurs hiding among the woods.

Coming from the creators of the award-winning Lightopia Festival, this will be a chance to journey back millions of years to the time when these majestic beasts reigned over the land.

Offering a blend of education and entertainment, Dino Kingdom visitors will discover plenty about these amazing creatures as they are made real in an innovative way. A Dino Kingdom app has also been created to provide a unique insight into how dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.

There will be indoor activities to ensure something for everyone, from designing a dinosaur to feeding the hungry beasts in a Dino Keeper VR experience. There’ll be plenty of family friendly food and drink on offer too.


An excavation sand pit for budding paleontologists, smouldering volcanoes, a walk-through fossil tunnel as well as fairground rides for all ages are set to make this an unforgettable experience. 

With more than two-thirds of tickets for the inaugural Dino Kingdom opening in Manchester sold three weeks ahead of the opening date, this is set to be a popular event. 

“We can’t wait to bring our Dino Kingdom to Nottinghamshire,” says Dino Kingdom creator Ian Xiang. “We know how much families and friends will appreciate the chance to enjoy a safe outdoor experience together that will capture the imagination of all ages. Forget the dusty museums of old, this is a totally new way of getting up close and personal to these fantastic beasts that will last long in the memory.”

Tickets are on sale now via Dino Kingdom's website.

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