Ten Things I’ve Missed About Nottingham

Words: James Kramer
Thursday 14 December 2017
reading time: min, words

Fresh from a six-year stint in China, our James has missed a fair few home comforts...


The Fake Plastic Rock that’s holding up the castle
Impress your mates and punch the very rock before you. Just make sure you find the right spot and try not to miss.


Poetry nights all over the city
What’s happened? When I went away there were just a few small nights squeezing us poets in between musical acts. Now we wear our UNESCO laurels with pride and rule the streets.


Five Leaves Books
Still advocating the cuddly warm side of Anarcho-Leftist politics. Unite my cardiganed comrades! Together we will consider something revolutionary-ish.   


The Alley Cafe
Non-carnivorous, I’ve not often had the chance to eat something with a personality or face. Thankfully, individually named sandwiches always allowed me release all of my violent tendencies with none of the hurt.


The Contemporary
First weekend back, I managed to see photography by Diane Arbus, then catch My Own Private Idaho on the big screen while the man in front of me knitted a scarf, brilliant.


Dining internationally in Hyson Green
Within just a few paces, you’re able to pig out on mangoes from Pakistan, dried Chinese Tofu and freshly risen naan from a suspiciously back alley oven. All so good and all in one place, now pass the Polish vodka.


GOAL at the galleries of Justice
Don’t try to change, don’t try to hide it, I know what it used to say. I’m dyslexic, so seeing this carved in stone always made me feel a little better about all of my paper/online missteps. We should learn to embrace our enduring lexical mistakes.


The Malt Cross
Whether I want to drink in a cave or dangle over a balcony like music hall stars of yonder, either way I feel supper historical. That and it’s being not-for-profit makes me feel bubbly inside.


Nott’s music
I could mention I’m Not From London or a whole bunch of other names, but why single a few out? Being overseas for six long years, I’ve lived in cities far bigger and denser with human traffic, and musically we bury them all. For a little city, we make a hell of a lot of good noise.


LeftLion, of course
Not just the online version, I had that overseas. It’s the paper between the fingers, you know. I still (not so secretly) like to rub up on it till I get all temporary tattooed.

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