6 Items to Put in Your Nottingham Picnic Hamper

Words: Sarah Menzel
Thursday 06 February 2020
reading time: min, words

After all, the way to the heart is through the stomach...


Nibbly Bits From Delilah's Fine Foods

If there’s a place that can provide all your picnic needs, Deliah’s the one. Grab some banging antipasti at the counter and try not to spend all your money on their selection of dips, chutneys and condiments. There’s also charcuterie meats, selected wines, and an in-house bakery that whips up innovative sweets and treats. They have even put an entire antipasti plate inside a bread loaf, if you fancy having all your picnic stuff in one hunkin’ carb chunk.


Pizza and Sandwiches From Ugly Bread Bakery

Where better to fulfill your bread needs than at the Ugly Bread Bakery? This cute little gaff offers homemade breads, pizzas, pastries, sandwiches and salads. You can bag yourself a warm sourdough ciabatta or a tasty fresh pizza. Regardless of what you choose, you know that you’ll be sinking your teeth into something rich and fulfilling. They even have meal deals, so if you wanted you could bag your whole lot from here.


Beer From Brew Cavern

For the most exciting beer selection in Nottingham, look no further than Brew Tavern. The Nottingham-based bottle shop has a range of beers so impressive that no matter what your taste you’ll find something. Grab yerself one of their beer bags to safely transport your new favourite tipple and receive a 10% discount next time. If you’re feeling a bit out of your depth, chat to the friendly staff who are always happy to help you find what you’re looking for. They’ll sort you out good and proper.


Doughnuts From Doughnotts

There’s always room for puds after a packed picnic, and Doughnotts is the place for that. If you haven’t visited them yet, know that queues are common but oh so worth it. Treat yerself to 3 standard or 2 premium doughnuts for £6 and choose from flavours like Red Velvet, Thicka Than a Snicka and my favourite: Keep Scrolling, a heavenly crossover of cinnamon buns and doughnuts. You can also keep it simple and grab a classic Homer “d’oh”-nut or a Jammy Devil. Either way, they’ll wrap those bad boys up for you in a box for easy transportation to your chosen picnic spot - if you can resist eating them until then!


Fruit From J.Kerry and Sons

What’s a picnic without fruit? And where better to get the freshest produce in Nottingham than J. Kerry & Sons? The family-run stall is located upstairs in the Victoria Centre Market and has been around for over 30 years, providing locals with the best of the best of seasonal fruit and veg. Fill up on the plumpest cherries, ask for the sweetest strawberries or bang some juicy mangoes in your picnic basket and yer good to go for a healthy as well as delicious lunch. And if your picnic is with a loved one, pop over to the next stall, Jocelyn’s Flowers, to pick up some flowers - you romantic.


Cheese and Wine From The Cheese Shop

You bet we didn’t forget our lord and saviour cheesus christ. The owners of the cheese shop will always help you find the right cheese no matter what the occasion. They source their produce from all over the country, and know everything about them too. We love a bit of Cornish Yarg for a creamy, fragrant taste, and paired with Lyme Bay peach wine it goes down a treat. Walk into the shop, get a waft, and get hooked on the good stuff.

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