Drinks Review: Autumn Collection at Turtle Bay

Words: George White
Thursday 06 October 2022
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From refreshing cocktails to steel bottom beers, Turtle Bay are keeping the Summer vibes going in Nottingham with their new menu... 


Cold weather. Dark nights. Howling winds. Summer is truly over. But Turtle Bay are refusing to say goodbye to the sunshine, bringing a vibrant new collection of cocktails - and steel bottom beers - to their digs on Trinity Square. Are they enough to keep the spirits high as the sun starts to set earlier? We'd say so...


Jamrock Punch

Starting with the most vibrant - and best-tasting - drink on the menu, Jamrock Punch offers a delightful hit of fruity goodness from the very first sip. It’s fresh, flavourful and dangerously moreish, going down an absolute treat. Turtle Bay have promised to “keep the heatwave mood going” with this new collection, and they’ve certainly delivered with this one. If you check out anything from the Autumn menu, make it this delicious blend of gin, passionfruit, strawberry, apple, grapefruit and lime.



Slightly less delicious, but still a decent option, is the Tingwray. Sure, the aftertaste could be described as swimming pool-esque - it does conjure up memories of bombing down the rapids at Center Parcs - but if you power through that, this is a pleasantly refreshing cocktail. Mixing Wray & Nephew, white rum, grapefruit and fresh lime, this feels like it’d be perfect to sup by the sea. Despite the witty Center Parcs remark, it weirdly does work, and by sip three I find myself downing the rest of the drink with ease. 


Pink Stripe

Red Stripe is one of the best lagers on the market, there’s no debating this. And adding a splash of rum seems like a sure-fire way to take it to a whole new level… Sadly, though, it doesn’t. It’s still nice, maintaining the refreshing taste of your usual Red Stripe, but the addition of watermelon, grapefruit, strawberry and a shot of Duppy does little to enhance the flavour. Still, if you’re wanting a pint of beer and to get drunk quicker, this is one for you… 

Check out the rest of Turtle Bay’s Autumn Collection, which includes three other cocktails and a new Jamaican Shandy steel bottom beer, on their website

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