Food Review: Bustler

Words: Lizzy O'Riordan
Monday 07 November 2022
reading time: min, words

New in town, we checked out street food maestros Bustler...


One of the great joys of becoming a local journalist is being invited to restaurant openings. Especially when one of said openings is the exciting new street food venue that’s landed just thirty seconds from the office. The one serving up fresh, exciting food every single week and offering an ocean of cocktails, ranging from the classic Espresso Martini all the way to the hyperlocal Sneinton Sour.

So, when an email from Bustler arrived in my inbox the week before the VIP launch, I was most definitely clicking yes. As was the rest of the office. And I suddenly found myself eager for it to reach Thursday, peeking in through Bustler’s windows on my way to work and refreshing their Instagram page to see which vendors would be attending the event. As it goes, the list included Praid Thai, Yardbirds, Cartel and ElCapos Pizza, all of which were stationed in the beautiful outdoor space when I arrived, surrounded by fairy lights and a whole host of tables and chairs. 

Tempted by everything, I ended up opting for Yardbirds Dirty Clucker Burger: a buttermilk fried thigh burger on brioche, served with smoky bacon and the perfect amount of pickles - which, let’s be real, every good burger needs. Very much the right decision, it was delicious. 

A mild night, we sat outside enjoying the lights, but inside was an equal treasure. Packed with lush greenery and a canteen-style table set up, the atmosphere was warm and fun thanks to the DJ and the drinks. Here, I ordered myself a Raspberry Gin Fizz, followed by the aforementioned Sneinton Sour, both of which were spot on. Overall, it was a brilliant opening evening for Bustler, marking another exciting development for Sneinton Markets' ever-evolving landscape, and I’m glad I came along.
Avenue E&D, Freckingham St, NG1 1DW

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