Marching Through Multimodal: Sensing Systems Revealed

Words: Eileen Pegg
Friday 13 March 2020
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Matt Woodham’s most ambitious project to date features a busy schedule of events happening every weekend this month. From exhibitions to talks and fully blown parties, here’s where you can catch ‘em all…


On first glance you might think that Matt Woodham - often working under his Multimodal project - may just create mad, flashing lights. And you’re not wrong, but with Sensing Systems it’s his chance to show us all the thinking behind his vocation that fuses art, science and technology with a focus on the connections our brain makes, and beyond…

In recent years, Woodham’s research into the complex systems of the brain has evolved into a broader interdisciplinary practice. Inspired by the emergent, irreducible states of perception, he utilises experimental techniques such as feedback loops, generative algorithms and randomness. He employs code and electronic circuits to exploit the liminal space between order and disorder, reflecting the common non-linear dynamics prevalent throughout nature.

An ex visual neuroscience student as well as practising artist and visual designer, he’s been up to lots of exciting things in Notts and beyond for years; you may have seen him kitting out Wigflex or 808 parties with his AV shows when not crafting websites, working away at his One Thoresbury Street studio, or casting his visual wizardry upon festivals including Field Maneuvers and the Africa Nouveu Festival, Kenya. 

This March, Sensing Systems is unleashed and whether you’re into art, science or music, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


15 Feb - 28 March: Sensing Systems at Bonington Gallery 
The longest running segment of the project, this free to attend exhibition is your chance to experience Matt’s world through a series of interactive elements. Visual and kinetic events take place one by one around the room, with a large central controller inviting the audience to make each experience unique. 

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14 March: Sensing Systems Workshops, Broadway Cinema
If you’ve been impressed with Matt’s stunning AV shows then this Saturday you’re invited to come and have a go on some of the clever tools he uses to make them, joined by industry experts. Designed to be suitable for beginners and experienced visual producers alike, three workshops are running from 10:30am.

10:30 - 12:30 - Fragment flow with Paul Fennell 
Generate ’emergent’, organic visuals using reaction-diffusion systems with Fragment:Flow by Paul Fennell, an audio-reactive software system created in Max (Cycling ’74).

Get an exclusive walkthrough this yet to be released software from the creator himself.

1:30pm - 3:30pm - Generative artwork in VR with Prefix Studios
Learn how a procedural, generative workflow can be employed for virtual reality platforms.

Prefix studios will guide you through using the Unity game engine to create a unique visual experience for virtual reality headsets.

4:00pm - 6:00pm - Cymatics with Zach Walker
Learn how to uncover the hidden patterns within audio frequencies through the medium of non-newtonian fluids, powder and water.

Play with different sound sources and witness how the visual dynamics change with synthesisers, tone generators or your voice in a microphone.

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20 March: Multimodal, Into Abstraction at Metronome - with Simone Salvatici, Will Plowman, Throwing Snow, Lukas Wigflex
To round it all off Matt’s work is being presented in a place it’s known best - an immersive, all-singing-all-dancing party at one of Nottingham’s most kitted out venues. 

Following on from bending our minds at the debut Multimodal event at One Thoresbury Street back in 2017, the project has graduated and blossomed into an audiovisual force to be reckoned with, partnering up with some of the strongest troupes in the business for this unmissable evening. A specially curated series of musical artists will take crowds through a late-night experience spanning ambient soundscapes, minimal synths and experimental electronica.

A highlight includes Matt joining forces with the genre-defying Throwing Snow, serving up an AV show accompanied by a custom light installation in collaboration with Alex Pain.

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Multimodal: Sensing systems runs throughout March
Website for more information and tickets to all events

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