Deliveroo Review: Boo

Words: Amelia Aston
Thursday 11 June 2020
reading time: min, words

With takeout or homemade scran our only option for the foreseeable future, we took a risk on a deliveroo newcomer...


It’s easy to gravitate towards restaurants you’re familiar with when it comes to ordering takeout. Whether it’s a late night order, a pig-out with friends, or you just can’t be bothered to cook, there’s not many situations which result in a delivery where you’d be happy with a dud pick. Sometimes it’s not worth the risk of picking somewhere new, so we get stuck in a rut of re-ordering Wagamama’s katsu curry until we’re sick of the sight of the stuff.

However, the influx of ‘Deliveroo only’ establishments popping up as I scrolled down the app made me curious. Some are small, independent businesses using it as a way to launch their product to the masses, and others are just folk cooking in their mam’s kitchen, trying to earn a few more coins. Boo has a physical store in Leicester but is available on Deliveroo only in both Manchester and Nottingham, the latter from a base in Lenton. A glance at their Instagram quickly confirmed they were legit, and learning they’re also a stockist of Doughnotts proved that they have good taste. Interest spiked, their pictures sealed the deal – I’ll challenge you to find anyone who wouldn’t be tempted by those expert shots of crinkle fries and shiny brioche buns with cheese topping every morsel. 

We went for the Boo for 2 deal, which includes two 6oz triple-stacked burgers of your choice, two fries, the choice of eight buffalo or sticky chicken wings, and a choice of two house dips – all for £25. I have an unwritten rule of judging a new burger establishment by their classic cheeseburger, which in Boo’s case includes Angus beef, round leaf lettuce, tomatoes, gherkins and American cheese – it was everything the picture had hyped it up to be, each mouthful as succulent and decadent as a burger should be. But, surprisingly, it was the chips that really stole the show for me: somehow smoky and sweet at the same time, there’s just something ultra-satisfying about the taste of a crinkle ‘ziggy’ fry. 

With £2.70 delivery, the two of us were stuffed for just under £15 each, which is no mean feat. Their Leicester store has since expanded to serve up coffees, plus breakfast and lunch deals – let’s hope Notts gets a slice of this action soon. 

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