Food Review: CHEFF

Words: Eve Smallman
Wednesday 12 August 2020
reading time: min, words

Cheat day without the guilt? Yes please.


Like many people, I’ve been trying to use lockdown as a chance to get healthier. I’ve sweated along to Joe Wicks, endured online classes where I’m the only participant, and blitzed up smoothies with smug mode enabled. But that stuff is exhausting to keep up. And some days you want a naughty treat and a break from meal prep. Enter CHEFF – a clean and healthy alternative takeaway based in West Bridgford. A few clicks and, before I knew it, my CHEFF Dinner Box (£12.60) and my Chocolate Chunky Monkey protein shake (£4.45) were on my doorstep.

In the box you really do get your value for money – they pack it full, but not overwhelmingly so. You can customise the box to make it meaty, veggie or vegan, choose your carbs (or choose extra veg instead if you’re stronger-willed than me), as well as a range of sides. I went for tofu, sweet potato fries, roasted vegetables, slaw and peppers, and a drizzle of garlic aioli for good measure. 

Everything was really well-portioned and really well-prepared. The roasted vegetables were slightly al-dente which gave them a gorgeous crunch, and the simplicity of the seasoning let the flavours shine. Sweet potato fries can never be bad, but these ones were the best I’ve ever had – crispy and soft, a beautiful marrying of sweet and salt. My favourite part was the falafels though – proper hefty, packed with flavour, and punched me with just the right level of spice. Making shakes can be such a faff, so having an already-made one was also a very tasty luxury. 

I also liked that it gave me ideas and motivation for making my own healthy meals. Cheat days can make you feel guilty and empty, but this one didn’t – it was a nutritious, hearty meal that made me feel excited to carry on my fitness journey. My compliments are very much to the CHEFF. 

Trent Boulevard, West Bridgford, NG2 5BL


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