Gig Review: Wolf Alice at Rock City

Words: Katie Lyle
Photos: Jade Vowles
Monday 28 February 2022
reading time: min, words

Wolf Alice brought their dazzling new and old hits to the stage of Rock City on Sunday and it was certainly a night to remember, filled with sophistication, confidence and power…


Following the release of their incredibly successful third studio album Blue Weekend, Wolf Alice brought an extra surprise date of their long awaited tour to Rock City. Nottingham were incredibly lucky to get the chance to be a part of this, with the tour celebrating their first release in four years, and an album which has been referred to as one of the best of 2021 in indie music. 

The second you walked into the beloved and sold out Notts venue the feeling of live events was well and truly back, packed with people absolutely buzzing to see the show. Opening with one of the album's most prolific tracks Smile, the band threw the crowd into a frenzy of punky indie goodness. 


To fit this band into the genre of alt-rock doesn’t particularly do them justice as they surely hold their own, with a range of elements that are orchestral, booming and emotive. Lead singer Ellie Rowsell brings a unique character to the band that is incomparable to anything out there right now and carries the sound that is Wolf Alice. Plus, is the extravagant, confident and powerful yet noble stage presences from every member of the band, notably bass player Theo Ellis, who offered many of the speaking interludes between their tunes.


With romantic lyricism and guitar riffs that make you feel dizzy, their set bounced back and forth between heavier, upbeat tracks and ethereal, slower love songs. How Can I Make It Okay presented Ellie’s incredibly eerie vocal tone to centre stage. Bass and heavy growling guitar kicked in at just the right times and brought a melancholy layering that built gradually throughout.

Ellie’s vocals are able to move between having such a unique femininity and delicacy that is especially soothing, then managing to shift to fit alongside their heavier, grizzly punk tracks like Play The Greatest Hits and Giant Peach. The crowd shifted with these changes too, managing to go from crazy excitement to peaceful, phone torch swaying to the soundscapes of gentle songs like The Last Man On EarthThis movement between tracks is especially magical, and something that is not common to find done so naturally. 


What. A. Show.

Wolf Alice performed at Rock City on Sunday 27 February. 

Listen to Blue Weekend here.

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