We Are Floot Are Opening the Door to Nottingham’s Independent Venues

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Wednesday 21 September 2022
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A new free app called We Are Floot is good news for venues and fun-seekers


Staying on top of all the action in the local bar and restaurant scene can be tricky, even for the most keen-eyed connoisseur. If you dig Nottingham’s famously diverse selection of independent hospitality venues and are always on the lookout for the latest tasty delight or nightlife experience, a brand new free app could make your life a whole lot easier.

We Are Floot has been created by Neil Dollochin, founder of Nottingham’s Tilt and Pelican Club. Its aim is to support Nottingham’s best independent bars, restaurants and cafes, while giving you the opportunity to search and filter by where you are, and what you’re in the mood for.

Launched in April 2022, We Are Floot already has over 250 venues on the app – with more being added all the time – all bringing something unique to Nottingham’s most discerning punters.

Neil explains how the new app helps users plan the perfect night out. “First of all, it’s free to use – both for customers and venues. Download the app, and you can find our city’s best independent venues while you’re out and about. It’s really easy to search by location, by venue, by cravings, by events, by lunch, dinner, cocktails, just drinks and quick bites.”

As well as opening the door to great new places to enjoy, We Are Floot is also hoping to breathe new life into Nottingham. “By downloading We are Floot, you’re not only discovering the coolest places to go, you’re supporting these great venues and making them stronger.”

“Independent venues have had a tough time recently, and they don’t tend to have big marketing budgets. We Are Floot gives them means to reach customers they might not otherwise reach - at no cost to the venue or the customer.”

As a lifelong restaurateur with decades of hospitality experience, Neil understands the needs of both the customer and the venue.

“It’s great fun too. Because We Are Floot hasn’t been created by a tech or marketing person, it has the social experience at its heart. You can share pictures and experiences, link to your social media, and while We Are Floot is not entirely offer-based, because too often this can cost a venue money or devalue their brand, venues can publicise deals on offers on the app.”

For Neil, it’s important that We Are Floot works hard for local businesses. You can see this in the messenger service, and access to local suppliers – from gin to fruit and veg – that enables even the smallest venue to wield the kind of buying power larger businesses have.

You can download We Are Floot from the App Store, Google Play or all the usual places.

We Are Floot website

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