5 Fun Events in Nottingham This Week: The Muppet Christmas Carol; Yule Market and More

Monday 12 December 2022
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From lethal weapons to classic video games, it's not all Christmas stuff on this week (but it is mostly Christmas stuff on this week)...


Beer and Carols
When: Monday 12 - Wednesday 14 December
Where: Malt Cross
How much: £2

In just a couple of weeks, Christmas will be over, and we’ll be left with nothing but cold weather and dark nights. So make the most of the festive feels now, while you still can, by heading over to Malt Cross for a little sing-song and a couple of tinnies. You know it’s what Santa would do.


Lethal Weapon
When: Monday 12 December, 8.30pm
Where: Savoy Cinema
How much: £6.95

If you’re too cool for Christmas, and you’re already sick of Hugh Grant and Home Alone reruns, The Loft Movie Theatre are your saving grace. You see, they’re bringing this action-packed, meme-heavy eighties classic to Savoy Cinema for one night only, giving you a chance to relive those fond memories of moustaches and perms. Lovely.


The Muppet Christmas Carol
When: Tuesday 13 December, 7pm
Where: Royal Concert Hall
How much: From £30

Forget your Get Carters and your Italian Jobs, The Muppet Christmas Carol is the peak of Michael Caine’s career, his turn as Ebenezer Scrooge - surrounded by Muppets spouting out iconic lines like “No cheeses for us meeses” - truly going down in history. A former winner of a LeftLion poll for ‘Best Christmas Film Ever’, this one is a great winter watch at any time - but on Tuesday it will be accompanied by a live orchestra, promising to be even better than ever.


Nottingham Video Games Expo
When: Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 December
Where: Richard Herrod Centre, Carlton
How much: £10

Everyone loves video games, right? Whether it’s old-school classics on the Super Nintendo or insanely realistic new titles on the PS5, there’s a joy to escaping to a whole different world. Well, now you can escape to a whole different world by escaping to the Richard Herrod Centre, where the Nottingham Video Games Expo is bringing talks, consoles and merch together for a brilliant weekend-long event.


Yule Market
When: Saturday 17 December, 11am
Where: MinorOak Nottingham Coworking
How much: Free

Fancy getting festive without exposing your shocking vocal range? MinorOak have got you covered. Bringing together a wide range of talented creatives in this unique Christmas market, this is the perfect time to grab some interesting presents, sip on some mulled apple juice and try your hand at some arts and crafts. Sounds like a merry nice plan to us.

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