Film Review: Into the Spider-Verse - Live in Concert

Words: Riley Halls Backler
Friday 03 November 2023
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For the first time ever, the Academy Award® winning film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, tours the UK Live in Concert. And where better to spin a web of action and music than Nottingham's Royal Concert Hall...

IMG 0660

2018’s ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’ came to life in dramatic fashion on Monday night at Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall, as the Oscar winner was screened accompanied by a live orchestra. Daniel Pemberton’s emphatic score infuses hip-hop and world music into a traditional superhero affair, which was represented in full force by orchestral players, a full set of percussion and a DJ. The film itself is a joy to watch, and any fans of the film will understand the excitement of hearing such a brilliant soundtrack live. It’s such a charming element of the original film, which really made it stand out in its initial release. The concert itself was split into 2 acts with a short interval, which didn’t feel entirely necessary, but it was more likely appreciated by the younger Spider-Man fans in the room, of which there were many! 

There were a few sound mixing issues, which I’ve found to be pretty common with this genre of performance. It felt increasingly noticeable here however just due to how much was happening on screen, particularly during action sequences where the sound design had to be cranked up to match the power of the full orchestra. Personally, I was also disappointed that the songs included and made for the film were not performed live by the DJ, but were merely included in the recording. Iconic songs like ‘Sunflower’ and ‘What’s up Danger?’ were drowned out by the sound of the orchestra, making impactful scenes like Miles’ first swing as Spider-Man anticlimactic in my opinion. 

Overall however, this was an incredible experience that only made me appreciate Pemberton’s score that much more. It was also great to see the wonder on the kids’ (and adults!) faces, getting to see Spider-Man on the big screen like never before.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - Live in Concert played at the Royal Concert Hall on October 30 2023

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