Food Review: Rudy's Pizza

Words: Gemma Cockrell
Photos: Julia Head
Tuesday 30 January 2024
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You may be thinking, ‘doesn’t Nottingham have enough pizza restaurants already?’ - but when we got invited to Rudy’s, the latest pizza joint in town, we simply couldn’t say no…

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Following a quick half-pint at The Bodega during happy hour, we headed on down to Rudy’s latest location on Victoria Street. After a lovely welcome they were quick to take our drinks orders - I went for a simple house lemonade, while others I was with opted for their array of wines and beers.

To give a true review, we sampled one of their meaty pizzas, a vegetarian one, and a vegan one. I myself got a classic Margherita, switching out the dairy cheese for their vegan mozzarella option. The staff were more than happy to do this for me and made the process very simple and easy. 

Anyone who has tried vegan cheese will know it can be very hit or miss… but it’s safe to say that it was a hit at Rudy’s. I could hardly tell it wasn’t regular cheese, and the cheese-to-dough ratio was perfect, making the pizza very easy to slice and consume without being too messy or difficult.

Meanwhile, the Cinghiale pizza was also sampled, which was topped with wild boar. While I didn’t try this pizza myself, having been a vegetarian for almost a year now (I have made exceptions at some points, but wild boar felt a step too far) I hear from my meat-eating friend that it was very enjoyable.

The final pizza that we tried was the vegetarian Capricciosa. With kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, and portobello mushroom, it was just the right balance of stringy melted cheese, fresh toppings and San Marzano tomato. The soft thin base made it light enough to eat the whole thing, while the crusts were perfect for dipping.

If you’re looking to sample every pizza place in the city, Rudy’s is definitely a worthy contender.

6 Victoria Street, Nottingham NG1 2EW

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