10 Things To Do in Nottingham This Week

Words: Lucy Manning & Bridie Squires
Sunday 12 March 2017
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Pull up them socks, there's a lot to be getting on with...


Brick Wonders

Ooh I tell you what, giz a box of multi-coloured building blocks and I could waste hours, nay, days, building my dream castle with a mega-helicopter-with-built-in-slide-for-perfect-dismount to match. If you too are proper into Lego and it’s many wonders, head over to the Harley Gallery to catch Warren Elsmore’s latest exhibition, in which he’s built a whole load of the world’s wonders out of lego. There’s over seventy brick models to peruse, so AFOL’s among you – that’s adult fan of lego, to those not in the know – will be proper impressed. Keep your hands in your pockets, though, we know the temptation to nick a brick is strong.
Runs until 2 April, various times, free entry, The Harley Gallery, event link


Sounds Against Slavery: Live Fundraiser

We proper love you, Nottingham. No, don’t give us that look, we know we’re being right soppeh, but we don’t say it enough. By and large, you’ve got your heads screwed on, and you’re always looking for a way to make things better for others. And you’re full of beans, too, so them ways are always a dead good laugh. Over at Rough Trade, the likes of Babe Punch, Super Furniture and Foule are gearing up to help raise some moola for Anti-Slavery International. The event is hosted by IMPACT magazine and the newly-launched University of Nottingham Anti Slavery Society. If you want to learn more about Anti-Slavery International, you can find all you need to know on their website. We’ll see you in the mosh pit, you lovely lot.
Tuesday 14 March, 7pm, £5, Rough Trade, event link


St Patrick’s Day

It’s bleddy St. Paddy’s day next week, int it youth?! Aside from sinking a few dark beverages, there’s plenty to be getting stuck into over the course of the week as well as on the actual day. The official St. Patrick’s Day Festival has already kicked off, and you can catch everything from films at Broadway, to talks at Nottingham Irish Studies Group, and even a week of horse racing, toe tapping and singing down The Plainsman in Mapperley. Emmanuel House – which turns forty this year – is the official nominated charity partner for 2017’s festival and will taking part in the parade, which starts on Thurland Street at 11.30am on St. Patrick’s Day, Friday 17 March. Make sure you check out
the full programme for the rundown of goings-on.
Wednesday 8 - Saturday 18 March, All Over Nottingham


The Heresy of Love

The Television Workshop are taking you back to the 17th century this week, with the second installment in their 2017 play season. They’ve got a their brand new space to share with you an’ all. How exciting. Helen Edmundson’s play will take you way back to a convent in Mexico, when a writer, ahead of her time, finds herself in a spot of trouble with the two Princes of the Church. The Royals have got her back, but the Church are not ‘appeh, and she’s betrayed by the very people she thought were on her side. Nightmare. It’s got everything a good play should have; intrigue, danger, passion, politics, comedy and tragedy. So there’s no chance of dropping off. Tickets are selling out sharpish, so give them a call to book a seat on 0115 9932391.
Wednesday 15 - Saturday 18 March, 7.30pm, £5/£8, Richmond House, event link



Tunes, tunes, tunes. Tunes for bleddy days. Get down to your favourite sesh spot for some of the good stuff. Bar Eleven is about to get taken over with a tumpin’ Funktion One sound system, as well as a load of local DJs that are ready to deliver the best in electronic noisey stuff – a bit of techno, deep house, garage, disco, old school classics, you name it. Inland Knight’s Andy Riley is headlining the loopy bogger; then there’s Kinky Movement, Cammy from the infamous White Rabbit, as well as Curtz and J Kingom from Dutty and Krudd. For the launch of this brand new evening of ruckus, there’ll be vinyl giveaways and a whole heap of skankers. Gerronit.
Friday 17 March, 10pm, free, Bar Eleven, event link


Specters of Revolt with Richard Gilman-Opalsky

Five Leaves have always got decent events on. While gerrin’ yersen a bit of education between yer tabs, you can rest easy in the knowledge you’ll be lavished with a proper brew all in the same breath. Aren’t they good ‘uns? This week, we can expect a talk from Richard Gilman-Opalsky, author of Specters of Revolt. The evening will explore the contents of the book, which looks at Marx’s communism in contrast to what exists today. The world is haunted by revolt, but not as Marx imagined it, Gilman-Opalsky argues. Looking at events like the Arab Spring and the streets of Ferguson and Baltimore, the author digs deep into these upheavals to draw philosophies and open discussions. It’s only three quid, but do book if you’d like to head down as places are limited.
Thursday 16 March, 6.30pm, £3, Five Leaves, event link


Women in Music: Midlands Voices

International Women’s Day may have been and gone, but that hasn’t stopped us from bigging up our very own wonder women. Nottingham Playhouse mainstage is the lucky venue set to host some of the most talented galdem in the Midlands. Coming to you courtesy of Cultural Vibrations are six fierce females from Birmingham, Derby, Leicester and good owd Hoodtowd. Repping the 0121 is Namiwa Jazz and Elektric, the DE massive are fronted by Lulu Falerma, and Leicester – home of the underdog – have Mellow Baku doing her thing. Playing to a home crowd is both IAMSTARZ, the youngster you might have seen at Hockley Hustle, and the one and only Lia White who’s been finding success on The Voice. Book your tickets and support the womanhood.
Saturday 18 March, 7.45pm, £8/£10, Nottingham Playhouse, event link


Science in the Park

We dunno about you, but we’ve got right curious minds. We’re always pondering life’s big questions, like why the sky is blue, or whether it was indeed the egg that came before the chicken. That’s why we’re buzzing our bonces off at the thought of a whole day’s worth of science based lectures, demonstrations and stalls at Wollaton Hall this weekend. Gather up the kids and brush the dust off your brain, cos it’s gotta work hard to absorb all the facts and figures. Keep your eyes peeled for our post-event vlog from our favourite science fanatic, Gav Squires, to jog your memory about ote you’ve forgot.
Saturday 18 March, 11am, free, Wollaton Hall, event link


Gods, Giants, Monsters and Beasts

Drag the little blighters away from the telly box for the day and get their imagination cogs whirring fast and furious. Over at Lakeside Arts you can get right creative with Carol and a few of her mates. She’ll introduce you to the works of archaeologist and geologist, Felix Oswald, who brought animals, gods, and mythical monsters to life with his sketches. You can peruse the pictures to your heart’s content, and hopefully it’ll inspire you, cos you’ll then be challenged with drawing your very own mythical creatures  and turning them into a mini comic. What a day, eh.
Saturday 18 March, 10.30am, £10/£20, Lakeside Arts, event link


Film sans Frontieres

We dunno about you, but we’re starting to get proper sick and tired of that ‘orrid Sunday night feeling. There’s never much going off, and the stuff on tele makes us want to scoop our eyeballs out with a blunt instrument and replace them with marbles. For the most part. The White Lion are on hand to remedy that feeling, with a screening of films in support of Medecins sans frontieres. They’re doing vital work with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers across the globe, so they’re truly a worthwhile cause to get behind. The short films will explore a migration in a post-Brexit, Trump-as-President world, scary for all of us. If you buy a ticket, you get your food chucked in as well and all profits go straight to MSF. Proper.
Sunday 19 March, 6pm, £11.21, The White Lion, Beeston, event link

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